Kimberly Crawford

KIMBERLY CRAWFORD is a writer who lives in Upstate New York with her family. Her work focuses on travel, music, and relationships. She writers for Family Traveller, GIGSoupMusic, The Family Backpack, Lessons Learned in Life and Your Tango. 

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Four Things to Do at Disney Resorts
2 months ago
When I’m at Disney I want to keep the magic going, even when I’m not in the parks. I would love to stay at a Disney Resort every time we visit Walt Disney World, but sometimes this just isn’t possible...
Best Animal Encounters in San Francisco Area
3 months ago
A family vacation in San Francisco can be chock-full of fun places for families to visit. There are so many sights to see and things to do it can be somewhat overwhelming. Taking some time to see one ...
Best Animal Encounters in the Los Angeles Area
3 months ago
A visit to tinsel town can be exciting, but sometimes the glitz and glamour go right over kid’s heads. There are other activities and fun places to visit in the Los Angeles area that are specially gea...
Getting the Most Out of Washington DC
4 months ago
I have been dying to take my kids to Washington DC for a long time now. I was waiting for them to be at an age where they could really appreciate it. I loved touring Washington when I was a kid and I ...
How to Buy Travel Insurance
a year ago
Living in the carefree days of my twenties, the thought of travel insurance never crossed my mind. When I was young I never truly thought about the incidentals, my laser-like focus was on the end goal...
Cancun on a Budget
a year ago
Cancun, Mexico seems like the perfect dream vacation destination with crystal blue water and palm trees swaying in the warm, balmy breeze. Mexico has a rich and beautiful culture and delicious cuisine...