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Completely normal human. Nothing to see here.

But if you do want to see, feel free to add me, DM, send smoke signals, all forms of correspondence welcome. 

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The Aftermath: Nice, France (Part 3)
a year ago
Whenever you see Nice, or the general south of France area in the movies it is without fail sunny. Sunshine, fancy cars, and gorgeous women, pretty much summarize the entire depiction of the region in...
The Aftermath: Thailand (Part 2)
a year ago
This stage of my journey begins (for anecdotal purposes) in the queue for passport control in Bangkok, Thailand. I had planned to meet a friend who had been travelling for the previous six months. We ...
The Aftermath: Thailand, India, France, and Venice Part 1
a year ago
If by some fluke you read my previous blog, you know that back in March I quit my job and went traveling. I thought I'd do a quick post to debrief myself on the whole experience, but I've realized as ...
I've Quit My Job, I'm Going to Asia... What Have I Done...
a year ago
"Just go! Quit your job and go!" my dad yells across the dinner table on a Sunday night about three weeks ago. Fathers around the world are infamous for their "wisdom" and "advice." Mine, however, see...