Kristopher Cook

Published journalist and traveller. My articles are from my own experiences in travelling or from my own imagination, I find they are not only more fun to write but more fun to read. My goal is to always paint a vivid picture with my words. 

A Slow Tempo - Bike Tours in Madrid
8 days ago
When time happens to be on your side in un-explored cities, then there just so happens to be a world of possibilities that follow. And that's not to say that less time is a bad thing necessarily, as y...
Denmark’s Urban Haven
18 days ago
In recent times, residents of cities have tried to stop the architecture of their streets being used as a playground for the adventurous. Here in Denmark, they have an exception to the rule, allowing ...
The Lull of Australian Wild Swimming
25 days ago
Bathing under waterfalls, floating in natural pools, and swimming against a backdrop of nature's most picturesque landscapes are but a few pleasures permitted by Australian wild swimming. This unique ...
A Definitive Guide to Inter-Railing
a month ago
There are but a few experiences in the world similar to inter-railing. When and where you travel, the choice is completely in your hands; cross the borders between many exotic countries and destinatio...
20 of the Most Quintessential Activities to See and Experience in Laos
a month ago
A lot of countries seem to be renowned for their amazing mountainous viewpoints and archaeological discoveries that they transcend, taking the shape of something much more than a geographical location...
Angkor Wat: The City of Temples
2 months ago
Instilled with the architecture of days lost in the barrows of time, Angkor Wat is as entrancing as it is a mystery for anyone not accustomed to temple-scapes (the image of what feels like a mirage). ...