Kristopher Cook

Journalist, writer and traveller. My articles stem from my own experiences in travelling, or they are ripped from my own imagination. Painting a vivid picture is key in any works of writing.

A Slow Tempo - Bike Tours in Madrid
a year ago
When time happens to be on your side in un-explored cities, then there just so happens to be a world of possibilities that follow. And that's not to say that less time is a bad thing necessarily, as y...
Denmark’s Urban Haven
a year ago
In recent times, residents of cities have tried to stop the architecture of their streets being used as a playground for the adventurous. Here in Denmark, they have an exception to the rule, allowing ...
The Lull of Australian Wild Swimming
a year ago
Bathing under waterfalls, floating in natural pools, and swimming against a backdrop of nature's most picturesque landscapes are but a few pleasures permitted by Australian wild swimming. This unique ...
A Definitive Guide to Inter-Railing
a year ago
There are but a few experiences in the world similar to inter-railing. When and where you travel, the choice is completely in your hands; cross the borders between many exotic countries and destinatio...
20 of the Most Quintessential Activities to See and Experience in Laos
a year ago
A lot of countries seem to be renowned for their amazing mountainous viewpoints and archaeological discoveries that they transcend, taking the shape of something much more than a geographical location...
Angkor Wat: The City of Temples
a year ago
Instilled with the architecture of days lost in the barrows of time, Angkor Wat is as entrancing as it is a mystery for anyone not accustomed to temple-scapes (the image of what feels like a mirage). ...