Lancelot Tucker

Lancelot Tucker is a book author and a freelance writer who writes on all things. He loves to browse the net in his free time. Someday in the future Lancelot hopes to break into screenwriting. 

Burgundy: The Place to Travel To
a year ago
Among the wine areas in France, Burgundy stands out as one of the best places to visit. The region has some of the best winemaking areas in the country, consisting of top winemakers that give it its p...
Australia: A Place That Inspires You to Be Strong and Hopeful
a year ago
Are you discouraged and need some encouragement in your life? Visit Australia and you will encounter the strength and hope you need to get on with your life. Once you land in Australia you will begin ...
6 Top Reasons Why You Should Travel Young
a year ago
Travel young and enjoy the world better. Instead of waiting until you pass a certain age in life, you should consider taking a trip overseas and see what you can glean while you are still young. The e...
5 Top Reasons Why You Should Have Travel Insurance
a year ago
Most travelers might not see the need to take out travel insurance while they visit other countries and even tour the world. Yet, for other savvy travelers, having protection especially while they are...
Paris: Your Next Travel Romantic Getaway
a year ago
Paris is a beautiful city to travel to at anytime of the year. This is especially true if you are looking to have a romantic time. You can go with that special someone or you can go to the city with t...
Where to Find the Best Travel Destinations in the Caribbean
a year ago
The Caribbean is packed with many exciting islands to travel to and you can enjoy a great getaway away from home at any one of the hotspot islands. Your visit will be a rewarding one and you can have ...