Lauren Day

i surf. i travel. i take some photos here and there. i life alot. 

i think. i write. i think some more. 

then something cool happens where i write until my bones ache.

end of story. 

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I Booked a One Way 12 AM Ticket Home and I Don't Know When I'm Coming Back
6 months ago
On Tuesday, I was tired, sad, and restless. I had been sad for the past couple of weeks. Restless. Uncertain of a lot of things. I haven't been sleeping well for like, two weeks now. Moving has been a lot of things but it's mostly been tiring—emotionally draining. But late on Tuesday night, I just decided I was done. I felt this massive urge to go home all day and I couldn't shake it. I needed to go home, see my home. Be in my house. Ride my bike to my favorite coffee shop in the morning and say...
I Moved
7 months ago
Moving is painful. I can't and don't know what or how to feel. I wanted this months ago, and now that it came, I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I'm sad. I'm so so sad. I miss home so much, to be honest. For ...
// T r a v e l i n g //
8 months ago
Traveling is the best and greatest blessing that my parents have bestowed on me in my lifetime. They always made me work for anything else, which is fine, and they were always tough on me, but in retu...