Liza Zimmerman

Liza has been writing and consulting about wine and food in a savvy, unpretentious way for 20+ yrs. She has visited the major wine and spirits regions and holds the Diploma of Wine & Spirits, the 3-year precursor to Master of Wine.

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Tourism in Carmel, CA
19 days ago
I adore Carmel because it is so walkable. You can park the car and part ways with it for much of the weekend. It is in some ways the jewel of Monterey County. The downtown is full of tasting rooms, it...
The Unexplored Culture of Corsica
2 months ago
This island off the coast of Italy, and north of Sardinia, is the forth biggest in the Mediterranean. It is often best known for being Napoléon’s birthplace and not far from Elba where he was exiled. ...