Lynsey Bec

London living, Glasgow born. Gymming, travelling and writing in my spare time. 

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Two Weeks in Sri Lanka
9 months ago
This year, I had an amazing two week holiday in Sri Lanka! Here’s how I spent it if you plan on doing the same.
One Month in Australia
a year ago
As per my post about how I spent 3 weeks in Vietnam, this post aims to sum up how I spent a month travelling down the Australia's East Coast from Cairns to Sydney. First of all, I never worked whilst ...
Three Weeks in Vietnam
a year ago
Vietnam is undoubtedly one of my favourite countries in the world. Throughout my time there, I was constantly blown away with the beautiful scenery, the amazing food, and the welcoming locals. This po...
5 Tips for the Solo Traveller
a year ago
For those who have never done it, the thought of solo travel can be a daunting one. Before my three month adventure around Australia and SE Asia last summer, I was often doubtful and anxious about my ...