Melina Notidou

 Linguistics student with a hint of wanderlust. 

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Long Layovers in the Airport
12 days ago
Layovers between flights can be pretty exhausting. Whether you've had to wait two hours or 24, it's difficult to find what to do—especially if you're itching to get to your destination, and have nowhe...
Why Visit Thessaloniki?
a month ago
Thessaloniki is one of Greece's cultural epicentres. Located in the North of Greece's mainland, this vibrant city is a perfect blend of tourism and authentic local life. My family and I are from there...
Five Travel Tips for a First-Time Flyer
6 months ago
Our first ever airport journey can be a bit intimidating. It seems like there are so many things to remember. I wouldn't worry. We've all been there! Whether you're flying in a couple of months or a c...
3 Places to Visit in Orlando, FL
6 months ago
Ever thought about venturing to Orlando, Florida? There's a reason they call this place the Sunshine State! In March 2018, I visited Florida for five days with two friends. We planned this trip very l...
Why Should I Study Abroad?
6 months ago
It all starts when you say yes... In 2018, I was in my second year of my undergraduate degree. I was given the opportunity to spend my second semester studying at the University at Buffalo, New York. ...