Monica Bennett

I am a retired high school and college teacher. I have taught forensics, biology, chemistry, ecology, and Earth science.. Long Island has been my home for 60 years.

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Jones Beach
6 months ago
Every year my dad taught summer school. He was an English teacher at a local high school, and I don't know how he did it. I was a science teacher, and when summer rolled around, I collapsed for the fi...
Thumbing It
6 months ago
Naomi, June, and I made up the usual hitchhiking ensemble. Naomi was this really "out there" type, small with glasses. She had hitched all over Europe. June was a big girl, tall and big hipped. Then t...
Meet the Bog Lady
6 months ago
I don't know where my nature gene comes from, as absolutely no one else in my family has one. Not even my kids, who I literally dragged through bucolic scenes everywhere. We went on science vacations ...
Big, Bad Boston
6 months ago
Boston conjures up so many thoughts as to its history, architecture, sports teams, and more. When I think of Bean Town, I have memories of a different sort. There came a time when my parents went to E...
A Vision of Long Island
6 months ago
It's a funny thing, life on an island. To get anywhere off it, you have to go over a bridge, through a tunnel or float away on the ferry. Here, it will most likely get you to another island. This part...