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Pieces of Gear All Beginner Backpackers Need
6 months ago
Backpacking is one of the most wondrous activities. For all those reasons it's so wondrous, it's also dangerous. The home comforts of civilization don't exist out on the trails, and so it's important ...
10 Backpacking Tips from Experts
7 months ago
Backpacking can be exciting, meditative, beautiful, great exercise... a lot of wonderful things. If you're not properly prepared though, it can quickly turn into a disaster. Out in the wilderness, lac...
10 Reasons to Visit Alaska
7 months ago
While the northern reaches of the 49th state are undeniably harsh, and nearly inhabitable, during the winter months, the broad, striking beauty of this region offer many reasons to visit Alaska. From ...
Soulstice's Kickstarter Campaign Gives You a New Way to Save the Rainforest, One Bracelet at a Time
8 months ago
Deforestation is destroying rainforests at a rate of more than 1.5 acres per second. If that rate remains steady, that means that 47.3 million acres of rainforest will disappear each year. The impact ...