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11 Great Gifts for People Who Want to Visit Japan
6 months ago
I'll admit it. One of my personal dreams is to visit Japan. I want to tour the streets of Tokyo, visit Shinto shrines, check out authentic yakisoba (translates from Japanese to: fried buckwheat), and ...
10 Mysterious Ancient Sites You Will Want to Visit
7 months ago
The ancient world left many questions that we will never know the answers to. With thousands of years gone by and little written record of how things were done, every single culture has its own strang...
Most Extreme Places to Camp in America
a year ago
Camping is one of those activities that basically requires you to be somewhat rugged. A person who isn't willing to deal with a bug bite or a little mud will not fare well in a campground setting—even...
10 of the Most Haunted Hiking Trails in the World
a year ago
As long as humans have existed, people have told tales of ghostly hauntings. It seems like it's just part of human nature to believe in ghosts. Most of the time, you'll hear about rumors of haunted ho...
Best Cave Hikes in the United States
a year ago
Caves have a really uncanny way of looking unearthly, all while being one of the most natural environments on Earth. Everything about the scenery found in the strangest caves in the world seems otherw...
Best Haunted Houses in England
2 years ago
If you are a believer in the paranormal, then it's safe to say that you believe (or know) that there are real haunted houses out there. England often is regarded as one of the most haunted countries i...