I am a child of the Sixties; 50% Hippie and 50% Militant with a Bohemian flair.  My career as a Healthcare Claims Configuration Consultant allowed me to travel all over the U.S.....saw many places and things that inspire my writing. 

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Reflections: Salt Lake City Situation
7 days ago
In the early nineties I decided to take an Audit Assignment for a large Insurance Company in Salt Lake City mainly because I’d never been there and I wanted to stay on the Left Coast. One of the perks...
Reflections: The 'S' Man of Harlem
8 days ago
I don’t have a photographic memory, but my brain does take permanent snapshots of events/experiences that affect me deeply. Then I remember them forever. The summer of '89 I was on a work related proj...
Reflections: Bucket of Blood OKC
8 days ago
The summer of 1996 I accepted a travel assignment in Oklahoma City; it was a year after the Oklahoma Bombing. My sweet Mama grew up in Oklahoma and I wanted to see where she had grown up because we’d ...