Patrick Boniface

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The Chinese Lucky Cat
7 months ago
What is the story behind the Chinese lucky cat that waves at you when you order your Chicken Noodle Soup? We’ve all seen it as we get our Chinese take away meal. You’re waiting for the meal and on the...
Wonderful Lisbon
7 months ago
I sit under perfect blue skies in the centre of Lisbon and I start to dream. My mind carries me back to memories of visiting the Portuguese capital city as a child and not truly realising what a magic...
Rye in East Sussex
8 months ago
Could Rye be the prettiest town in East Sussex? It has a lot of strong competition for that particular crown. Rye is a unique coastal town, sitting on the edge of the county the town is a perfectly pr...
a year ago
When you visit Cheyenne – you begin to understand why it is sometimes known as ‘The City of Blue Sky’. This Wyoming city is certainly blessed with pure azure skies and a welcome just as bright. It’s a...
a year ago
It seems strange to most natives of the greater New York State that tourists only seem to flock to New York City when so much else is still on offer. A fine example is the state capital, Albany. With ...
Ireland's Crystal City
a year ago
History is all around you as one wanders the streets of Ireland’s oldest city. Friendly, welcoming faces beckon to you with bright smiles. The residents sure make up for the traditional Irish weather ...