Rachel Coston

College graduate with a passion for writing and traveling.

What Not to Do When Going Abroad
15 days ago
So you are going abroad for the first time and you aren't really sure what to expect. Traveling to another country can be extremely intimidating and confusing. What will the people be like? What shoul...
10 Waterfalls to Add to Your Bucket List
a month ago
Cool down this summer at any of these falls.
The Road Less Traveled
2 months ago
We all hear the same bullet points at college orientation about activities to do and clubs to join. Sometimes study abroad gets mushed in there between drama club and inter-mural soccer, but no one ev...
Ultimate North Carolina Road Trip
2 months ago
North Carolina, a state that seems to have it all. Growing up in North Carolina you learn that our state is separated into three geographic regions. The mountains, the piedmont, and the coast. This in...
How To Prepare for a Trip Abroad
8 months ago
Travel is a fun, adventurous, and crazy thing. But travel takes lots and lots of planning. This is especially true if you are taking a trip to another country. Leaving the country for the first time, ...
Fall in Love with London
9 months ago
London has always been a huge tourist destination in Western Europe. It is a city that has been featured hundreds of times in both film and TV. London is a place that anybody can visualize and tell yo...