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5 Things I Never Travel Without
2 months ago
When I travel, I like to feel cool, comfortable, and relaxed. Without worry or discomfort. But we all know that travel can be full of ups and downs. There is always a possibility for things to go wron...
12 Halloween Traditions Around the World
3 months ago
Calling all Halloween lovers! October is a time for cooler weather, warm drinks, and of course Halloween! This spooky holiday is celebrated around the globe. And every nation that observes it has thei...
Fall in Love with Denver
3 months ago
Oh Denver! A place known for many different things that goes by many different names. The mile high city, city of the plains, the convention city, and so on. If you haven't ever been to Denver then yo...
Electric Bikes Are Taking Over
4 months ago
Imagine you are in a new city sightseeing without a car like any typical tourist. You are walking in 90+ degrees and can no longer feel your feet. You still have a half mile to your destination and yo...
Denver: New and Improved
5 months ago
After a recent visit to Denver, Colorado I learned that every city is evolving and can change in the blink of an eye. Denver is now a vibrant, fun, eclectic, and young town. But as every local I spoke...
20 People We All Hate While Flying
6 months ago
1. The person in security that acts like they have never flown before. Like how do you not know that you need to take your shoes off or put your items in the tubs? I guarantee you they have seen a mov...