Ryan Frawley

Towers, Temples, Palaces: Essays From Europe out now!

Novelist, entomologist and cat owner. Ryan Frawley is the author of many articles and stories and one novel, Scar, available from online bookstores everywhere. 


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Never Home
5 days ago
Blame it on Brexit. I never thought the vote would go the way it did, and that the country I was born in would decide to tear itself away from the rest of Europe. I thought I’d always be an EU citizen...
The Warsaw Dichotomy
2 years ago
Is the pianist good? I wouldn’t know. Every driver seems skilled to someone who’s never been behind the wheel. I love music, but there’s not one atom of musical talent in my body. I can only look with...
The Last Cigarette
2 years ago
The bus driver is smoking. There are no passengers on the bus; it’s not scheduled to leave for another ten minutes. The window is open beside him, the smoke curling in the warm breeze. It’s not even e...
Rome Alone
2 years ago
No one finds themselves. That’s not why we travel. You’re right there, where you always were. But sometimes a foreign sun can show you to yourself in a different light, the veins of quartz that shine ...