Samantha S.

Hi, everyone! I'm currently teaching English abroad as a second language. In my free time I love writing about anything and everything. I have written about history, travel, and relationships. Keep posted for my next article! 

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6 Historical Sights to See in Kanchanaburi
a year ago
WWII influenced every part of the world whether directly or indirectly. Most people know the conflicts and battles among European countries and America. It's something we've all learned in history cla...
10 Misconceptions of Thailand
a year ago
Thailand is full of amazing sights and interesting experiences. It's often a culture shock, but one that will open your eyes. Some people have an amazing time and find that it's the perfect getaway. O...
You Might Be a Traveler If...
2 years ago
Have you ever felt like you don't belong? You're not good enough somewhere? You're not accepted? You keep questioning what's wrong with you because you're not like others? I've felt this most of my li...
14 Things To Do in Glen Rose, Texas
2 years ago
Glen Rose is a small town about an hour-and-a-half southwest of Dallas. Most people don't know about the town or if they do it's because of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center or our dinosaur tracks. These...
5 Must See Places Outside Edinburgh, Scotland
2 years ago
Only a glimpse of Scotland's beauty...
9 Cultural Differences You'll Notice When Visiting Mexico
2 years ago
Here are some of the most common cultural, political and social discrepancies that might strike you while you're traveling abroad in Mexico.