Sean Callaghan

 Writer, Drummer, Singer, Percussionist, Star Wars and Disney Devotee.

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Pirates of the Caribbean
9 days ago
On first glance, the premise of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction might seem to be one of the most morally objectionable premises for a family-friendly attraction. A group of pirates invade, loo...
Disney's Hollywood Studios
20 days ago
For 90 years now, Mickey Mouse has been Mickey Mouse. The major branding element of the original Walt Disney Productions and everything that has followed: animated films, movie features, television sh...
Disney California Adventure
7 months ago
Disney's California Adventure might not be the worst entertainment idea ever to come out of the Golden State—after all, someone thought it was a good idea to make a feature film about emojis, but it v...
Decline of a Dream
8 months ago
Walt referred to this dream project as EPCOT, for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.