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My laptop is the one thing I don't have in common with a homeless man. 

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Beginner Back-Packing Trails in the United States
8 months ago
Does the idea of traveling long-distance travel on foot excite you? Looking to travel around the country without breaking the bank? Back-packing is the perfect solution to both those questions. Below ...
Campfire Culture
8 months ago
Fire has been man’s lifeline since the beginning of time. Food, warmth, and light are what fire gives to man. In many cultures, fire is the symbol for life, and anywhere you go today, fire is still us...
One With Nature: A Call to Enjoy the Outdoors Without Technology
8 months ago
It's the weekend! that means its time to hit the open road. People everywhere are starting their trips to the mountains, beach, or favorite campsite. Come Monday, you're bound to see some posts on Ins...
8 months ago
Bike-packing... sounds pretty miserable, right? I mean, biking hurts your legs more than walking. Why would I want to load up a bike and hit the road for miles of unbearable leg pain? If you have the ...