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Working and Traveling Is Easier Than You Think
8 months ago
Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of programs all over the media that allow you to travel in groups and work while traveling. These programs are amazing and make the process very simple; they put you wit...
How to Find the Cheapest Flights
8 months ago
I do not stop at booking a flight at the first, second or even third price I see online. There are many simple things that go into finding incredible deals on flights and I’d love to share them 🙂
Exploring the Columbia River Gorge
9 months ago
I’ve driven through this amazing gorge in the past and gazed upon it’s beauty, but never really stopped and explored the area, so that’s exactly what we did last weekend and it’s one of my favorite lo...
Best Places to Travel in the PNW
9 months ago
So many times, I’ve heard of people wanting to travel outside of the US, before exploring the wonders of this very country. I was once that person, but I have discovered that there is so much beauty s...
Best Waterfalls in Washington
9 months ago
My Favorites So Far