Steven Altman

He is a minor professional goalie writing about the game of hockey and all the things that come with the traveling/hockey lifestyle. He runs the Minor Pro Life blog and writes poetry in his spare time.

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I'm Sentimental
5 months ago
Over the course of my hockey career I have had the opportunity to travel. I love it and it is such a different way to see the world than most. We are dropped into a new place but made to feel like it ...
Jante Law
6 months ago
Wandering through a Scandinavian city, some pieces will immediately stand out for you. The old brick buildings in greys, whites, dull yellows, and if in Sweden, reds. The clothing of the people as the...
Find Friends That Road Trip
6 months ago
Growing up in Canada and in the rural parts of the Great White North, having a vehicle is important not only to get from one place to another but is needed if you ever want to see the country. Transit...
Fika, Lagom, & Hygge
7 months ago
Denmark and Sweden both have very rich and overlapping histories. As countries, when you take a look at them from the outside it would seem that they are similar. Both Scandanavian and neighbors, mayb...
Do You Know Where Calgary Is?
7 months ago
When I travel, meeting people is inevitable. The conversation is usually broken up into little pieces to get to know each other and find some common ground. It is fun to hear where they are from, the ...
Travel Gear
7 months ago
It has been almost a decade since I've had the pleasure to look out across my former backyard and watch the rolling hills sprawl across the Alberta prairie. In that time I have spent my life playing a...