Tamara Iwanchyshyn

Hello I am an aspiring film maker and writer who is trying to get my things out there. Thank you so much for reading, enjoy. 

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Toronto: What to Do for a Day
7 months ago
Whether you have a long layover or are coming for a holiday, the question of what to do while you are in a city always comes up. So for the beautiful city of Toronto, it can seem hard to figure out wh...
One Night in Iceland
8 months ago
So I was going on a holiday, and it turns out that we needed a stop over for the airplane. The cheapest and fastest option was Iceland. So on our way back we decided to stop there for more then a coup...
Contiki Travel: A Review
9 months ago
Let me start by saying that it was fun and I already have a deposit down on another trip. In April of 2017 I went on a one-week adventure with Contiki, by myself. I bought and paid for the trip all by...
How to Spend a Week in Just London and Never Be Bored
a year ago
Over New Year's of 2018, I went with a friend to London, England for ten days. We stayed in Greenwich for two days and the rest of the time in Notting Hill. I had the most amazing time doing all kinds...
Galapagos: Islands of Wonder
a year ago
In the summer of 2017, I went on a Holiday to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. It was one of the most magical holidays I have ever gone on and would like to share the ups and downs of such a holiday ...
Why Everyone Should Go on a Holiday by Themselves When They're Young
a year ago
In April of 2017, I went on a Contiki trip to Mexico by myself. Over New Years I went with just one friend to London, England. There are things that I learned and took away from both trips that I thin...