Trish Gilmore

I’m a creative writer, blogger, and IT person from Charm City, Maryland. If you’re not from around here, that means Baltimore. If you see someone in Fells Point pouring over a tiny Windows laptop that’s a bit too old, you might just have spotted me.

10 Tips for Women Traveling Alone in Asia
4 months ago
I didn't have my first passport until I was nearly 22; this isn't terribly old, but I grew up in an area where most of my peers had passports by age 10 and airily talked about all the exciting vacatio...
The 10 Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Fast
5 months ago
If you have a trip coming up and you're looking for ways to learn a foreign language fast, there are plenty of tools, memorization tactics, apps, and courses you can use to accomplish your goal. It's ...