Victoria Lim

Victoria is a lifestyle writer with expertise in scribbling a lot of unnecessary words, walking a dog for miles and miles, getting bites from her pet squirrel and choosing tea for her next cup.

Minimalist Travel Guide: Packing Must-Haves
2 months ago
For most people, an ideal trip includes a hotel, a plane ticket and countless cocktails by the pool. Not for me. Before I was born my parents were campers and they traveled through Europe and Asia wit...
Hiking in USA: Best Tricks and Treks
3 months ago
Have you become a slave to technology? Do you spend more time staring at your phone, or a computer than looking at a clear blue sky? Do days go by without you even leaving your home? If you are lookin...
USA: Feeding the Travel Bug in the East Coast
4 months ago
Summer and spring are the perfect seasons for planning a long and fun road trip. So why not do it along the marvelous East Coast of the United States? Yes, you have to plan out the route and bring ple...
Travel Influencers: Photography Tips for a Better Visual Storyteller
5 months ago
Many experienced photographers will tell you that capturing natural wonders and various travel sights is like capturing the soul of that specific place, moment, or action. So, it is no wonder that man...
Mini Guide to Vacationing in Phuket
a year ago
If you need a reason to travel to and explore the glorious Phuket, well, there sure are many more than just one. The most infamous party island in Thailand has a lot to offer – starting with great wea...