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BagoBago: A Review of the Travel Backpack Chair

The BagoBago backpack turns into a seat anywhere. Yes—anywhere!

Via BagoBago

I’m a very active person. Yes, I do work out, but not as much as I commute to the city, travel, go on road trips, hike, and other activities that get me so tired out. Ever since I came across BagoBago backpack chair, my active moments aren’t as tiring anymore.

I’ve gone through numerous backpacks. I can’t even tell you the precise amount. From duffel bags to wheeled backpacks, I constantly kept switching backpacks whenever I traveled or commuted because I never believed any of them really suited me and my travels. In addition to that, the majority of the backpacks always ripped on me! I needed a backpack that always kept up with me and my most active moments. 

However, the BagoBago actually changed my life tremendously. For us travelers, we sound like individuals with so much energy, but traveling and commuting gets us tired just like anyone else. Waiting in line to board the plane? Horrible. What about standing outside with the rest of the commuters waiting for the bus to arrive? Seriously draining.

Hiking is also a breeze with this backpack. After climbing mountains, I usually can’t enjoy the amazing views because of how weary my legs are at the end. But now I can simply use my backpack chair as a source for resting my legs and finally get a good look at the view.

How about in the airport waiting on line for security check, boarding passes, boarding the airplane, etc.? Lines don’t bother me at all anymore. I’ll even wait on the longest line with a waiting time of one hour and I’ll be completely fine with it — as long as I have my BagoBago with me. In fact, I took my backpack chair for the first time to my flight heading to Chicago a few weeks ago. 

And let me tell you, the line for security check was a nightmare... to those who didn’t have the BagoBago. While everyone was crushing their luggage and falling over from sitting on them, I was comfortably sitting on my backpack chair and answered some emails on my phone until I was up next.

BagoBago can make your most tiring experiences less exhausting. And I’m sure you’re asking, “How does the backpack chair actually work?” It sounds complicated, but trust me, it’s so easy to use. 

  • To properly unfold the chair, detach the velcro from the bottom cover of the backpack to reveal the legs of the chair. 
  • Then attach the cover to the magnet, so the cover doesn’t get in the way. 
  • Once the legs are visible and planted firmly on the floor or ground, unzip the top zipper that’s closest to the back. 
  • Lift the seat from inside and rotate it so it completely opens up. 
  • At this point you can now take a seat on your backpack chair. 

And did I mention that you can remove the stool from the backpack? If you’re sure that you don’t need the chair for your journey, you can simply remove the hidden stool and just use the backpack! 

But that’s not all why I find this backpack to be the best — it’s super sturdy. This backpack is made with the best material and won’t rip easily. The straps lay comfortably on your shoulders and won’t suddenly tear (like some of the backpacks I dealt with). We all need a comfortable, well-gripping backpack as commuters.

If you’re a heavy stuffer, like me, we tend to fill our backpacks with lots of our necessities depending on where we’re heading to. BagoBago allows you to store more, and even heavier belongings. When I commute to the city, I always need the best storage for my laptop and this backpack has me covered. Aside from managing the weight of my laptop, I know that the backpack can always keep my laptop safe from damages and dry from any spillage or weather conditions since it is waterproof.

There’s a lot of features to this one backpack. 

  • Other than the hidden stool, BagoBago includes multiple pockets and storage room and can comfortably store away anything you need to bring when traveling or commuting. 
  • While the zipper farthest to the back reveals the stool seat, the middle zipper is where you can store the majority of your things. 
  • From a laptop to extra clothing, notebooks, snacks, books, and painting supplies, the middle opening is ideal for putting away your largest and heaviest belongings. 
  • Then comes the front zipper that features a smaller zipper pocket, two pockets, and a narrower pocket in the center for putting away any writing or painting utensil. 

You have to admit, BagoBago does have a generous amount of space to store more than you need.

Via BagoBago

I actually didn’t think this backpack would manage to carry what I needed to bring on my nature hike. I planned on spending my previous Sunday hiking, but also wanted to sketch the sunset from the top of the mountain. With the stool stored away in my BagoBago, I was able to stash away my large sketch pad, a couple of pencils with a sharpener and an eraser, three water bottles, a sweatshirt, my wallet, cellphone, and since I intended on spending the entire day in the mountains, I stored away three sandwiches, and four granola bars. Yet, I STILL had enough room to fit more things.

But the capacity of my BagoBago wasn’t the highlight of my hiking trip — it was resting on the stool after finally reaching the top of the mountain. And throughout the entire journey, my backpack chair never once bothered my shoulders or back from the weight of it. It comfortably laid against my back and held my belongings together without the slightest tear.

Via BagoBago

If you’re on the hunt for a great backpack, I highly suggest BagoBago, especially if you’re a traveler, commuter, or nature walker. 

You can get your very own BagoBago backpack chair on Amazon and completely change your most active moments forever. Trust me, your worn-out legs will thank you.

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BagoBago: A Review of the Travel Backpack Chair
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