Best Party Cities For Backpackers

From Ibiza to Paris, these bumpin' cities are the best party cities for backpackers looking for a crazy time.

Backpacking is often called one of the best ways to see the world, primarily because it allows people to enjoy the full spectrum of the local color. Backpacking allows you to meet new people, try new foods, and get a real up-close look at how life is abroad.

Part of the beauty of backpacking is being able to enjoy the local nightlife scene — and in this sense, some cities are way better for backpackers than others. According to travel experts, the following nightlife hotspots are the best party cities for backpackers that want to cut loose with the locals. 

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the "Four B's" in the European party world — and is often known for being the wildest one of them all. Backpacking here means you'll end up finding lots of parties with booze, great music, and of course, music as loud as can be. 

As any hardcore raver can tell you, Berlin is one of the best party cities for backpackers who have a penchant for underground electronica. This city has become known for holding festivals involving goth culture, rave culture, hardstyle, and breakbeat. 

If you have to go backpacking and partying in one European city, make it Berlin. You won't regret it. 

Barcelona, Spain

This is one of two cities in Spain that have been regularly cited as the best party cities for backpackers in the world — and also has the honor of being one of the "4 B's" of Europe. Unlike Berlin, which tends to be known for being rather extreme with its nightlife, Barcelona's nightlife is best known for offering a little something for everyone. 

Barcelona's nightlife spans a number of different genres, from out-of-control nightclubs to more mellow tapas bars. So, if you aren't feeling like going to a bouncing nightclub, a night out at a bar is just as doable. Here, bars don't usually start filling up until late night — and everyone goes out, regardless of age. 

Spanish people definitely know how to party, and Barcelona's nightlife scene is proof of it. One bit of advice you might want to listen to, though, is that Barcelona's nightlife does have a strong dress code. 

Budapest, Hungary

Americans might be surprised to find out that Budapest is third of the "4 B's" in Europe's nightlife scene, but once they go there, they'll understand why. Budapest's nightlife is one that is filled with friendly locals, music, and laughter. 

Budapest's nightlife became famous thanks to their cheap alcohol, their "ruin bars" (which are literally ruins that were turned into quirky bars), and for the fact that there are parties that actually take place in the city's natural hot springs. 

Hungary's nightlife scene is one that is hard to forget, so give it a shot. Once you visit, you will realize why Hungary's own capital is one of the best party cities for backpackers who want a really unique taste of nightlife. 

Belgrade, Serbia

Backpackers who want to have a real adventure need to check out the most exotic of the "4 B's" — Belgrade. This strikingly upscale city is known for having people who are incredibly attractive at the club, hyper-luxurious party amenities, and a very exotic twist on the urban nightlife world. 

Prices to party at Belgrade are dirt cheap, and the restaurants nearby are stellar. Going here might actually become addictive, especially if you have a thing for sexy people. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is reputed to be one of the best party cities for backpackers and clubkids — and it's a reputation that's well-earned. Trance, techno, and marijuana can be found almost everywhere here.

However, if you're not a fan of hardstyle and old school raving, that doesn't mean you should discount Amsterdam. There are other venues, and their bar scene is famous for being very friendly and upbeat. 

Due to the reputation that Amsterdam has, there are a couple of issues backpackers may have when they decide to party here. The biggest issue is often price; Amsterdam's nightlife has become exorbitantly pricey over the years. Secondly, it may be a bit "tourist-y" for some, and that may take away from the vibes. 

Even so, Amsterdam is a techno Mecca that should not be missed if you enjoy raving. 

Lagos, Portugal

If Barcelona and similar cities are a bit too much for you to handle, you might end up falling in love with Lagos. This is one of the best party cities for backpackers who want to party but don't want to go totally crazy. 

Lagos has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, and there overall vibe of the place tends to be much more low-key. As a result, it's a hotspot for people who love a mellow, relaxing night out rather than a fully insane party where everyone just loses control. 

Bali, Indonesia

Believe it or not, Bali has become one of the best party cities for backpackers in Southeast Asia. Though Indonesia may be known for being conservative, the party scene here is alive and well. Loud nightclubs, cheap drinks, and absolutely stellar trance acts are what make Bali a great pick. 

If you've ever wanted to go to a beach rave, or see what an entire street partying it up looks like, you will love what Bali has to offer. The best part? It's one of the most affordable party cities on this list!

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you're interested in seeing underground nightlife, but can't quite make your budget stretch all the way to Berlin, Copenhagen is one of the best ways to get your party on. Denmark's capital city is known for having a very strong underground art scene and a party scene to match. 

Here, art parties, raves, and even goth festivals are regularly held, and prices tend to be a bit cheaper than in Amsterdam or Berlin. That being said, the parties also tend to be a bit smaller — but just as friendly. As a result, we're going to say it's one of the best party cities for backpackers who love raves but don't want to spend a fortune in Berlin. 

Goa, India

If you are a fan of techno, then you already know that Goa is one of the best party cities for backpackers. Those not in the loop will be surprised to hear that this Indian city is one of the biggest EDM hotspots in the world — and that it's also the birthplace of an entire genre of electronica. 

Raves at Goa are known for being totally out of control, and for having some of the most spectacular lightshows in the world. Prices are cheap, people are friendly, and you often will get to see major headliners play venues here at a fraction of the price. 

Ibiza, Spain

Everyone knows that Ibiza is a party city that goes above and beyond the rest. People go here to party — and party loud. Nightlife here is meant to be out of control, and also meant to house the best of the best. 

That's why every major DJ brags about playing in Ibiza, why it's a favorite among celebrities, and why police in the area actually have to be armed with remote controls that shut down club speakers from feet away. 

Going to Spain without going to Ibiza is basically saying that you missed out on the best, wildest parties of your life. Don't do that to yourself. Go, and visit the best party cities for backpackers — and make sure that you hit Ibiza first. 

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel's one of the most party-hardy countries in the Middle East, and within its borders is Tel Aviv -— Israel's rendition of "the city that never sleeps." Awesome music shows, affordable drinks, and incredibly friendly locals are what make Tel Aviv a wonderful place for visitors. 

The wild nightclubs and funloving folks who live here are what make Tel Aviv one of the best party cities for backpackers looking at the Holy Land. If you have the opportunity, going here is a great way to ensure that you get your party on. 

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