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Broke Person’s Guide to Traveling Europe

Tips & Tricks to Travel Europe on a Budget

“Traveling is SO expensive” is such a common misconception. So many of us use the excuse of “not having enough money” to justify not traveling. But I’m here to tell you just how cheap and easy international travel really can be. And in this article, we’re going to focus on traveling Europe on a tight budget.

So I’m going to breakdown just how to make your trip to Europe as cheap as possible.


  1. Use skyscanner.com to find the cheapest flights possible. I have bought tickets from the United States to UK for under $150!
  2. ALWAYS buy two separate one-way tickets, it’ll be a lot cheaper and it can make your trip much more flexible. Let’s say you want to start your trip in London, and end your trip in Madrid, buy a one-way incoming flight to London and buy a one-way ticket back home from Madrid.
  3. Fly into a big, international airport. This can save you SO much money! Lets say you want to go to Vienna, Austria, buy a ticket to London first, and then buy a ticket to Vienna, from London. Once you’re in Europe, flights are SO much cheaper to get from one country to another. When I say CHEAP I mean around $20 per ticket!


  1. STAY IN HOSTELS!! You will not only save an insane amount of money, but you will meet soooo many people. You can find hostels in almost every city/town in Europe and you can stay for only around $10 a night! Not only do hostels save you money on accommodations, but also on food! Make friends at your hostel and pitch in on meals, cook dinner together/order pizza, and you automatically save money, and make friends ;) If you’re not into sharing a room with others, hostels also offer private rooms for a little bit more money.
  2. If you’re not into hostels, use AIR BNB. You can rent an entire apartment/guest house for a week, and pay the same price as a night or two in a hotel.


If you’d like to take a longer trip to Europe, look into Workaway.info. Workaway allows you to volunteer in exchange for room and board and meals. With this website, you can search hosts all over Europe and the rest of the world. The possibilities are endless. You can volunteer at hostels, teach English to a family, help at an orphanage, volunteer on a farm...anything! Workaway allows you to travel for long periods of time without having to worry about paying for somewhere to stay, or paying for meals. You also get to volunteer and help make a difference in different countries. It can be very rewarding!

Now that you’ve learned how to travel and stay in Europe on a dime, go do it!

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Broke Person’s Guide to Traveling Europe
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