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Common Boating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We can avoid these mistakes by precautionary measures—take a refresher course before starting, follow a checklist before departure, remain focused on the details as route, fuel, battery, anchoring, etc.

                     Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream,

                          merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

These lines show the passion that people have for boating. Boating is the main recreational activity in many places like Australia, Arizona, California, Macau, British Virgin Islands, etc. The boat sales in Australia especially has increased, by leaps and bounds, as the boating season and festival is set to begin in March and April of 2019. You might be having your first experience of boating or you might be a seasoned boater, some common mistakes are likely to happen. We can avoid these mistakes by precautionary measures—take a refresher course before starting, follow a checklist before departure, remain focused on the details as route, fuel, battery, anchoring, etc. The U.S. Coast Guard has rules, any mistake in your boat is your own responsibility.

Hence, let’s follow “prevention is better than cure” policy.

The common mistakes while setting out on your boat, and tips to avoid them are discussed below:

Non-maintenance of Boats

Always check if you need a boat repair or does your boat need to get serviced? You should know the locations of boat repairs and marine services on your route. Boat repairs in Perth are done in many private yachts and this lessens the inconvenience of your journey.

Prior to Launching the Boat, Failure in Installing the Boat Drain Plug

When you are really excited to get into the water with your boat this is the most common thing you assume to be already plugged in. So, set a thumb rule to double check the boat plug by assuming that it’s not done in the first place.

Issues While Anchoring

Proper estimation of anchor line should be done. You want to halt while you are boating, it needs a calculation to decide where to anchor your boat. According to U.S. Coast Guard rules, in calm places, the anchor line can be five to seven times the depth of water, while in rough sea your anchor line should be ten times the depth in order to give your boat a steady stay put. You can search for “boat sales Australia” to find shops near you.

Weather Preparedness

Be well aware of the weather before setting out. Knowing the forecast of your sailing area will help you avoid bad weather, turbulent sea, and take a decision whether to continue or abort your journey. You can also make a decision on what gears to carry or whether to reroute your journey.

Excess Boat Weight Capacity

Boats have a weight capacity that they can carry, exceeding this may result in drowning. So, you should be well aware of the capacity of your boat, and accordingly manage your gears and people on board.

Inadequate Fueling

Always check your fuel log and decide where you want to halt for refueling. Keep a thumb rule for your fuel consumption in your journey— first, know the capacity of your fuel tank, and use one third fuel for onward journey, one third fuel for the inward journey, with one third kept as reserve fuel.

Avoid drinking and boating.

When you set on a sail, always be aware not to drink, as it can lead to accidents in the sea. You can also be charged under drinking and boating rules, so enjoy your soft drinks and keep your favorite drink for your destination location.

No Proper Navigation and Losing the Way at Night

You should carry a proper navigation system along with you which prevent you to get lost, especially at night. Today, the GPS is of great help in navigating from place to place. Boaters should make proper light arrangement in their boats to avoid getting lost at night.

Thus, with the above tips, we can keep the boating accidents at bay, and enjoy our journey.

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Common Boating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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