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Critter Country Animal Farm

The Hidden Gem of Zoos

Nestled away in the small town of Smithton, Pennsylvania is a zoo that goes by the name of Critter Country Animal Farm. It is operated by a husband and wife who provide a safe haven for many animals of both the domestic and exotic variety. Critter Country is a popular, and well-loved summer destination for many of the locals. If you are in the area and looking for a great place to spend an hour or two, this would be the perfect location! The attractions feature a wide variety of animals that cater to all audiences. 

Free ranging chickens, turkeys, and beautiful peacocks walk the trails with you as you make your way through the zoo. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to purchase feed or carrots from the gift shop, you can hand feed kangaroos, camels, donkeys, deer, antelope, goats, and even a buffalo! Critter Country Animal Farm is also home to a wide variety of exotic animals as well. You can see kinkajous, tigers, zebras, gibbons, ring tailed lemurs, spider monkeys, marmosets, and more!

Critter Country Animal Farm is constantly changing and gaining new additions! No two trips to this zoo seem to ever be the same. At the start of this past 2018 season, a new carnivore section was added and opened to visitors. Inside this section of the zoo you can visit with bears, wolves, tigers, serval cats, and more! The owners have built new enclosures for their animals, and even added a few extra for future additions. This past year, Critter Country Animal Farm also welcomed two new baby tigers named Mystic and Major. The baby tigers were both bottle fed by the owners and volunteers, making sure they received the best care possible. The zoo also welcomed a flap-necked chameleon who found a home in the gift shop, a coati mundi, multiple antelope, and a number of friendly and lovable baby goats!

As you make your way through the zoo, you will also learn about the different animals. Signs around the enclosures provide a few pieces of information about the animals inside. Plus, the volunteers and staff are more than welcome to answer any questions that you might have!

As I mentioned before, Critter Country Animal Farm is a safe haven. Many of the animals at the zoo were rescued. One of the beautiful horses in the upper field, Molly, was rescued from a horrible situation. She was extremely malnourished and kept in an enclosure that prevented her from being able to move much. Now she is healthy and more than happy to stretch her legs as she runs through the field and comes down to the fence to get carrots from the visitors!

The owners of the zoo also rescue large numbers of kittens every year. Each season the zoo has multiple litters of kittens dropped off by people who do not want to care for them. The owners and volunteers do what they can to clean them up and find them good homes. So if you are considering the idea of rescuing a kitten, don’t forget about Critter Country! Stop in throughout the season to see if they have any in need of a new family!

Although they are currently closed for the 2018 season, they will reopen in spring of 2019! For more information about this amazing hidden gem of a zoo, check out their Facebook page. Once there you can browse through pictures and look for updates on when the zoo will be opening again in 2019. Plus, scroll through the many great reviews that past customers have provided. Overall, Critter Country Animal farm has a 4.8 out of a 5-star rating! It is a top-notch zoo with top-notch animals! Make plans and pay the critters a visit this spring! 

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Critter Country Animal Farm
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