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Exploring London!

My Four Day Trip Around London!

Standing in Front of St Paul's Church!

London is such a spectacular place! This place never fails to amaze me whenever I visit. For such a long period of time now, I've always been mesmerised by the beauty and elegant style of the architecture, the hotels, the famous buildings and many other places that London has to offer! As a passionate blogger, I travel down to London from Yorkshire on numerous occasions! Four, tireless hours of sitting in a car. Sometimes these journeys feel endless, driving through traffic continuously, but the view upon arrival is impeccable, especially while visiting in the last remaining months for the year, such as early November!

From my personal point of view, London looks like the city out of a dream fairytale book in the lead up to the festive season! Upon arrival, the famous London Eye beams like a red ball of fire and the incredible Christmas decorations are always lighting up the many famous buildings, bridges, hotels and the busy streets of London!

In October of 2017, we managed to hop on a gorgeous river cruise which took us on an unforgettable tour around London! Cruising along the River Thames, we had the chance to see various popular areas, such as:

London Borough of Southwark

Located in South London, this impeccable area of London is home to many popular attractions such as The Shard, Tate Modern Art Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Borough Market! Why would someone not want to go here? It’s no surprise that this pretty area draws in so many tourists from all over the world! The one place that I absolutely adored was The Oxo Bar! Since they opened their doors in 1966, The Rooftop Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie has proved a dazzling success! The iconic Restaurant, lively Brasserie, and unique Bar all boast stunning views across the Thames and the City of London with a 250-foot terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows. This gorgeous bar is definitely worth a visit! London Borough of Southwark is the perfect place to go for a big day out!


When visiting The City of London, this beautiful area is obviously worth a visit! Many international tourists visit Trafalgar Square to see the incredible monuments, while many others watch the popular guard change at Horse Guards Parade. Many politicians socialize in Whitehall’s busy pubs. At the Houses of Parliament, beside the River Thames, the bell of Big Ben chimes in its iconic clock tower. Medieval Westminster Abbey contains the graves of historical figures such as Charles Darwin! Every single time I get a chance to visit this lovely place, I am always left mesmerised by the modern architecture! It’s no surprise that Westminster is highly popular for tourists from across the globe!


I have to elaborate on how much I adored the beauty in Greenwich! Totally worth a visit! It’s home to a beautiful World Heritage Site, The O2 arena, London’s prettiest royal park and the Prime Meridian of the World—longitude zero. An absolutely incredible experience! I had the chance to wander through Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory and the big Planetarium, while also flying 90m high on the Emirates Air Line cable car with an absolutely stunning view of London! Before my day was over, I became more knowledgeable about the historic Cutty Sark and I was amazed by the alluring design! Sadly, I did not have the chance to learn more about the interesting history in Greenwich, but there is so much more that I will experience when I visit this year!

This was the reason why my trip was so memorable! Cruising through London on this delightful river cruise was an unforgettable experience! We visited all the wonderful places, giving us the full experience of what London truly has to offer! As a full time blogger, I am always extremely passionate about thrill seeking adventures, beautiful architecture, panoramic views and stylish areas to visit, so this is why I adore London so much! This wondrous place gives me a chance to share my travels with the world, which fills me with so much happiness and joy!

Ellie Powell.

@mystylishtravels on Instagram. 

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Exploring London!
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