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Figuring out Europe

Chapter 2: The Basics


The first few weeks of traveling were all so eye-opening. Where do I go? How do I get there? Should I learn some words of their language? What is the currency like? Where do I book my accommodation? All of these questions became a part of my everyday life so quickly, and got easier and easier as time went on. All of a sudden, it was second nature to be preparing a day or two ahead before I wanted to move on. 

If I was to have one tip for anyone who wants to travel Europe, it would be to NOT have a return flight!! Having no time limit was the greatest feeling. I knew I could just keep going until my money or time in the Schengen ran out. I could stay as little or as much as I wanted in a certain place, I didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time, I could book extra nights at a hostel if I fell in love with the town/city, or I could just book a bus and a hostel bed somewhere else for the next night. I couldn't complain about that!

Where to go? ANYWHERE YOU WANT! A bus trip might be boring and long, but for the price, you can't possibly complain. But after a while, you will probably master sleeping in awkward positions just like I have. Be sure to explore the countries that some people don't. Go off track and you will find the most amazing places that will open your eyes! Be sure to do your research of the town/city that you are going and figure out what you can do within your time limit. There is nothing worse than missing out on that one bloody thing that you wanted to do. 

Let's be honest, it's not hard to learn some basics in every language. Hello, thank you, bye, please...brush up on the basics and the locals love it Even if they laugh at you, it's better than not trying at all, right? It may even get you a bit of conversation out of them, which is always good when they give you the inside tips, ideas of what to do, where to go through the day, and what clubs or pubs are the place to be at night while you're in town.

So many cities/towns have so many options. Be sure to check out all of your options You might be surprised but 'Air Bnb' can sometimes be cheaper, although I prefer not to because of the social factor. Hostel world was my best friend. Before you book, always make sure to check out reviews, reviews on the hostel world app, or even tripadvisor will help you out so much... I mean why would I want to stay at a place with one star and shit reviews... it's a no from me!

Always remember to check out flight prices before booking any transport. Europe flights are so cheap, sometimes even cheaper and, of course, faster than busses that it would be rude if you didn't book it. Flixbus was never a problem for me on my travels, although the very rare and odd delay, but the same can happen with a flight any day. I recommend downloading Go Euro as it has all of your options in one app and you are able to book through it as well. I'd even download sky scanner for the flights just in case Go Euro misses some.

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Figuring out Europe
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