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First Thing First

A Short Bio of Who I Am and What I Am Doing Here

How would you know if you want to read something I am writing about if you don’t know who the heck I am?

I am afraid I don’t really know who the heck I am either. I can tell you random things about myself, put all together, and pray for this make any sense.

Let’s put things this way. I have been traveling the world searching for this answer.

I am 33-years-old, Brazilian, and I had a “normal” life until around my 20s. I left my parents house to live with my one and only high school boyfriend. He broke my heart, he cheated on me, over and over again, among other things that are not worthy of putting into words.

I was always passionate about traveling. During my married life, my husband and I went outside Brazil sometimes, but I always felt that was missing some excitement.

I didn’t like the commonplaces of tourist life. I always wished to go deeper into the culture of the countries I visited.

When I finally got the guts to terminate my 13 years failed relationship I decided to do something extreme, inspired by “Eat, Pray and Love” (how cheesy is it?), I took all my money. After six months planning, I was on my way to Bangkok. My first of many solo trips. My journey discovering the world in an attempt to find myself (cheesy again?).

Well, what is life really about? Who really has all of the answers? We are all messy human beings trying to fit. To quote Clementine, "I'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind."

Travel was my way to at least figure out some things about myself. And If you like to travel too, you can enjoy some of these tales as to why I started moving so much in the first place and what happened along the way.

All said, this is what you can expect.

  • Funny stories of my journey.
  • Useful tips on the practical side of travel.
  • How to make beer money when you are always broke but can't stop your wanderlust instinct.
  • Some more introspective moments about how I changed during the years.
  • The Rainbow view of tourism.
  • Not all is about traveling around, some include political views, personal opinions, sarcasm, dry humor.
  • Some bad English spelling (I am Portuguese speaker. I am doing my best to do this right, though).

Because of all the problems sharing your opinions publicly can cause in this insane internet era, I want to put a lot of emphasis on the following:

  • I will try to be as respectful as I can, but please do not take all personal. It is all my perspective, you can and might have lots of different impressions and opinions. If you want to comment or critique, its welcome—but do it politely
  • I will apologize and correct myself if somehow, in any way. I hurt someone's feelings. But be open-minded, accept jokes and some criticism.
  • When I suggest or mention one service be aware that none of the brands/companies paid me to do it so, it's genuinely (again) my personal opinion about it.

I hope you enjoy reading and that in somehow I can contribute positively with your journey as well! :)   

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First Thing First
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