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Five Hyped Cities to Travel in 2019

Five Cities I'm Planning to Visit Next Year

My goal is to travel to thirty countries before I turn 30. I'm 26 now and I'm nearly there. I love travelling, whether it's just a day out in the city or a village nearby, it's nice to discover local quirks. It's by travelling that I realise how lucky I am to live in the area I'm in. I may not drive, but I have direct trains to London, Birmingham and a lot of the other major cities in the UK. My hometown is also close to Bicester Village and the Costworlds which I didn't realise until recently very popular tourist destinations. This year I've been on two cruises: one around Norway and the fjords, and the other around France and Spain.

2019 is going to be another hectic year, but the relaxing holidays will make it worth it. With that in mind here are five cities I plan to visit next year with some of them even booked.

Glasgow (Scotland)

Photo by Artur Kraft on Unsplash

The only country in the United Kingdom that I haven't been to is Scotland. I've heard nothing but good things about the country and I would like to visit Glasgow in particular. Places I plan to visit include the Glasgow Cathedral, and some of the markets. TokyoToys opened a store in Glasgow and I would like to go and see it. I really liked the London store, and it was a shame it closed, but they still have the store in Birmingham and they pop up in Comic-Con a lot. I just feel like Glasgow is one city I have to visit. There have been times when I've had days off that I just want to hop on the train to Glasgow, but sadly it's a long train journey and the tickets are expensive regardless of which route I take. I managed to get holidays abroad that was cheaper than going to Scotland, but there's something inside of me that's telling me that I have to go to Glasgow. 

Reykjavic (Iceland)

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

After a lovely cruise in Norway, I had an urge to discover the other Scandinavian countries. The one I've prioritised is Iceland because I've got a friend who lives in Reykjavik. I've seen lots of photos on my facebook timeline of the wonderful landscapes and the blue lagoon. The blue lagoon is on my bucket list. I'm planning to go in March and my friend said she's happy to take me around which is super sweet.

I'm hoping to go with some of my friends and make it a big group thing. It would be nice to go outside the city too.

Bangkok (Thailand)

I'll only be Bangkok for a few hours whilst changing planes at Thai airways as it's a non-direct flight. I still want to find a way to be immersed in the country even if I'm only at the airport. Hopefully next time I'll be back for a longer visit.

Tokyo (Japan)

I visited Japan in 2018 and Tokyo was the one place I always wanted to go to. I had a massive shopping spree in Tokyo and fell in love with everything there. I also love the culture and the beautiful lights. I'd like to go back to Sunshine City and visit Akihabara. The food and drink are also lovely too. One of the hotels I stayed in was right next to a McDonalds and I decided not to go as I thought that it would be the same as it would be in the UK. After researching and visiting McDonald's in other countries I realised how wrong I was. Japan seems to adore experimental flavours that I would love to try. I plan to bring back more matcha kitkats.

The last time I went it was on an intensive and active tour around the country. My second trip to Japan will be more relaxed as after a few days in Tokyo I will be cruising around the country. I'll be in Japan in the middle of April, so I'll be there in time for the Sakura blossoms festival.

Busan (South Korea)

Photo by Ran Ma on Unsplash

Busan will be one of my stops on my Japan cruise. I'm looking forward to this as I have planned to visit Korea at some point. Seoul would have been my first choice, but Busan also has a lot to offer with its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. My family want to see if our cruise will do some excursions for us and I think they will, but I also think it will be lovely just to discover the place on our own. As long as we get back to the port on time it should be fine. I'm hyped for Busan as I've heard it's one of the most beautiful cities in Korea.

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Five Hyped Cities to Travel in 2019
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