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Four Things You Can Do When You Can’t Get Over Your Recent Travel

If you can’t get over your travel, you won’t if you’ll just keep on complaining and getting nostalgic. You have to do some things, and here are four tips that might help you a lot.

When you travel, you forget every task you have at home, in school, or at work. It’s a time you heal from all stress you get from work. It’s a time to take a break from everything that bothers you. It’s a time for you to unwind, relax, and rest.

You make good memories and experience unforgettable fun, that’s hard to just leave, so after your travel, you will surely get a bit sad and unmotivated to go back to reality. You hope that your happiest days, out of life’s stress, can be extended a little more.

While that’s a beautiful concept, that isn’t the reality. You really have to go back to the normal days, because traveling is costly, and it’s a reward time for most people, which could mean that there’s a rain first before the rainbow. If you can’t get over your travel, you won’t if you’ll just keep on complaining and feeling nostalgic. You have to do some things, and here are four tips that might help you a lot.

[1] Look at your travel evidence.

Image by quinntheislander via Pixabay

One of the best ways to entertain yourself after your recent travel is to take a look at your travel photos and videos. Before you travel, make sure you take a lot of them. Bring home many of them. They are inevitable when you travel. They are your travel evidence, and replay devices.

Photos are special for they enable you to freeze moments that happen, like never before, and will happen like never again. Videos take you back to those remarkable times, just like you’re there again. Looking at them and watching them can comfort and relieve you. Even if you do it over and over again, there’s no problem.

You definitely miss your travel days, and to fight off the gloomy feeling, reminisce through your camera’s wonderful shots.

[2] Work on your social media updates.

Max Pixel

If you didn’t have time to post some social media updates during your trip, do it after. Edit and upload photos. Share them on your social media accounts; share them to your friends.

You can also make your post-travel nostalgia a time to show off your creativity. Compile your videos and create a vlog. If you prepared before your travel, you can really think of a specific concept for your travel vlog. You can just document the highlights of your trip, or share travel tips through your content. Make it interesting, and information-filled for everyone.

If you love writing, you can also make a blog about it, or write it down in your diary. In that way, you’ll be able to recall your travel in detail, and have fun while doing so. The fun can cover the feeling of missing traveling.

[3] Don't rush yourself.


It’s normal to feel tired, but happy after your travel and to get lazy to go back to your work responsibilities. Let yourself breathe and adjust. Don’t push yourself too much. You might end up producing bad quality outputs.

Even if you have something that needs to be done immediately, don’t forget to take a break when you feel exhausted. Don’t forget to rest and relax your mind, after every accomplished task. You need sleep too, especially if your travel didn’t let you sleep a lot.

Little by little, you’ll gain your motivation for work again. Take your time, while keeping in mind that you shouldn’t take too long to get back.

[4] Travel Again.

Pixabay - Stux

If you feel like traveling again, then start planning for your next trip. It could be somewhere nearer this time. It’d be a good choice, especially if you just feel like your recent travel was a bit short of time.

If it is travel that will heal you, you might need to respond to it, even for a little time until you get back to the regular you, on the regular days.

Post-Travel Gloom

After you travel, there really is a sadness you feel, because you don’t want to leave yet. Post-travel glooms can affect you a lot. Your productivity and performance at home, at work and in school too can be affected. That’s why you need to know what to do so you can easily transport from the attachment to your travel to your normal self immediately.

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales, offering a worthwhile stay and a close experience of the historical richness of Australia. 
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Four Things You Can Do When You Can’t Get Over Your Recent Travel
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