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Fun Mishaps

The Series of Events That Shape a Holiday

I recently came back from two very different; if not opposite holidays. The first one was spent with my Danish boyfriend's family in Marseille, while in the second one he came along with my Mexican family to Playa del Carmen in Cancun, Mexico. 

One could probably guess where this post is going; nothing more than a comparative analysis of the dynamics on summer holidays between Danish and Mexican cultures. 

As a graduated sociologist, it is my nature to compare, contrast, and detect anything that crosses my path. One of the many differences that I noticed was the smoothness, effectiveness and levels of stress between these two trips. 

In Marseille, breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared and relished without a hassle, inconvenience, or strain. The 12 family members would always end up seated at the table, enjoying every feast at the pre-planned scheduled time. If there happened to be a day trip to a small town near by, we would all fit perfectly comfortably in the rented mini van and head to our destination for the day without any issues. The Danes are known for their their hygge lifestyle; and it was certainly a huge part of how this time in France was spent and thought about. The rules were simple. There were no rules except to sit back, relax and savour the wonders of the Provence. 

To make it short, the trip to Playa del Carmen with my family was not nearly as undisrupted and calm. With just telling you how the holiday started, you'll get the picture. 

Before climbing on the plane to Playa, the first thing that happened was that I accidentally unloaded the Uber driver's bag from his own car boot thinking that it was one of ours. The bag being composed of an extinguisher and high visibility clothes, it became evident that it would be impossible to take it with me on the plane. After an awkward conversation with the kind and understanding Uber driver, we settled on giving it to the nice waitress from the coffee shop who would keep it safe while he came to pick it up. 

For this trip, we also decided to rent a car to make traveling around the southeastern Mexican peninsula easier. However, instead of the booking reservation and the handing over of the car a easy breezy process, it took over an hour to complete because the company somehow managed to charge us three times. By the time we were finished, it was past midnight, and we were hot, bothered, tired, and most importantly, starving. After going on such a smooth trip in Marseille, I have to say that I was also embarrassed and stressing about making such an impression with my Danish boyfriend. 

To satisfy our hunger, we could think of no better place than an authentic Mexican taqueria to dine in before heading to bed. Obviously, the food was unbeatable and supreme; as well as the surprise we took from finding out that taquerias like to play porn movies on their TV screens after midnight for utmost entertainment. At the end of that night, melting our bodies into the bed sounded like the highlight of the trip; but the morning after this series of mishaps were something that we laughed a lot about and shared with others. 


What was the point of this anecdote? Of course it wasn't to confirm any stereotypes, trash Mexican culture or make any trip sound better than the other. In my books, although these two experiences were quite opposite, we all had an amazing time in them. Frankly, the goal was to demonstrate how a holiday, leisurely activity or any other situation can be equally as fun and memorable in entirely and completely different ways. 

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Fun Mishaps
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