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Good Bye Vancouver and Hello Toronto

Embracing a new life in my 60's.

I have lived in Vancouver for thirty-seven and half years, and I have just left this beautiful city to seek a new life. One would think that by now I would be settled and not wanting such an extreme change, but after so long and still not a feeling of belonging, I am in discovery of what else is out there.

Why Toronto you may ask? Well, I need a city of action, I need some vibrancy, I need an injection of participation. I have been running on either empty or blarness for so long, my work is my passion my reason to get up each day, but it is not feeding my presence, yes my work but not me and my feeling of existing outside of work and family.

I have travelled a lot in my life, from the UK to South Africa, to the USA, through Europe, then settled in Canada. I have seen many cultures, met many wonderful diverse people and done things out of the box in embracement of life. It is time to get that feeling of adventure back, to get some excitement of exploration and self discovery. I once was a free spirit, a wondering soul, an explorer, then I had children and my life became all about them.

I was a dedicated mother, wife and friend, and even though desperately I was unhappy in my life, I loved being a Mum. I adore and love my children who are all grown up now, I am proud of them and their choices and journey they have taken in life and who they are as human beings today. They are now on their own journeys and do not need Mama any more, so now, children free, animal free, man free, I am free to pursue life again.

Having not been out there for a while, meeting people in the flesh, (as my company is on line radio interviewing people from around the world, Self Discovery Radio.com) I have not got out much and was becoming dangerously close the being just a virtual being. Getting to meet new people is exciting but a little intimidating. I am not that young woman I used to be, a little gregarious a lot vibrant. I am now a 63 years young who is not in the greatest health and not, as yet, abundant in pocket, but this does not stop me, for I am very much a vibrant spirit and young at heart.

I have a tale to share a story of overcoming, of challenges and obstacles. I have had my bumpy road, but chose to find the smoothness of life along the way. The pattern of my life has been my dance, one step forward two steps back. I am a total believer of what can be, of what we can make it. After all we are the brush on the canvass of our lives.

My next canvass is one of exploration and productive purpose. I am on a mission, I am here for a reason and I intend to achieve what I have set out to do. You see one can not waste anymore time, we can’t make any more excuses, if we believe in something we must to step up and make it happen, or what would it be all for.

This journey in my new book of life, is about further developing my radio blog network into an enterprise that serves our global community. I believe in people, in humanity, in just how awesome we can really be. I believe we are being woken up, so we may step it up and change it up for the betterment of mankind and this planet. You see, I think that one person can make a difference, that we undersell ourselves all the time, and that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I know that I have undersold me, I use to believe that you had to have a PHD or be rich or sophisticated to be seen, now I know better. Over the years I have seen more enrichment and wealth and wisdom in ordinary people, that I know we have it in us and that titles money and power is an illusion and is not the true wealth of mankind.

Kindness is, caring is, investing in people is, generating possibilities is, creating opportunities is, and a community that is united with love and respect for one another is an abundant community. That is what I have discovered about myself, that even as one person can be that difference that is needed, and I can invite people to be a part of a vision that can and will really exceed even my vision.

6 Days Later...

So here I am in Toronto, trying to find a home so I can extend my vision to others, so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of others, also while embracing life for ourselves.

It has only been 6 days since I arrived in Toronto, and even though no home, I feel at home here. Back home living in Vancouver suburbia I hated walking any where once my dog passed. It felt too much like a chore, but here one walks every where here and it is invigorating.

Everyone talks about the cold in Toronto, but so far except for some cold winds here and there, it has been quite mind, and yes, I know it will get colder, but, my joints and bones are not hurting from the damp and that feels good, and I am walking with more ease, so maybe this climate agrees with me.

I am less hungry and have more energy, and I know my anxiousness is draining but I am still ok. They say Toronto is expensive, you won’t find a home here, but has anyone looked at Vancouver prices? I know I am stretching it here, my rent will eat 75% of my money, but I was sent here for a reason and I have to believe that I will not only find a home, but one that embraces my needs and gives me the loving platform I need to do my work here.

People have be so kind and welcoming, my daughter Tabytha who works here in the service industry, has taken me around to show me her world, every where has given us food or drink to welcome me, I see that as a respect for her, nice very nice. 

Wish me luck and come and be a part of the future where we celebrate those who embrace life and possibilities, like me like you, life is exciting when we choose to embrace it. 

Come see what it is all about here, all who care are welcome.


Enjoy life

By Sara Troy 

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Good Bye Vancouver and Hello Toronto
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