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Here's Why Beautiful Llandudno, Wales, Is a Magical Place to Visit

Llandudno, Perfect to Refresh Your Soul

Beauty of Llandudno

Llandudno in North Wales is a place I know well. I spent many of my childhood summers there. It's a place of natural beauty, like stepping back in time to a Victorian seaside town. Known as the "Queen of the Welsh Resorts," it certainly lives up to its name.

Llandudno is purely magical, like a fairy tale world. Being there makes you feel like a child again, full of excitement, with the seagulls squawking, the smell of candyfloss and doughnuts in the air. You can't wait to get your feet on the sand, and breathe in the sea air.

It's the perfect place to refresh your soul, find some inner peace, and revitalise your mind and spirit. Llandudno is good for you, uplifting, delightful, and a place like no other.

A Place of Natural Beauty

Cable Cars to Great Orme's Summit

Over looking Llandudno is the stunning mountain the Great Orme, with its limestone cliffs. The views from the mountain are breathtaking. The walk to the summit is glorious and great exercise. It's good for you to get the blood flowing, and get out there walking. It exercises your mind, too. 

The summit is 679 feet. If you don't feel like walking up, there is a Tramway, or another option is to go by cable car and take in the beauty of the mountain by air.

The Great Orme is full of footpaths, which are great fun to explore. Discovering new footpaths is always exciting. That joyful feeling of not knowing what's around the corner, or finding new views, is always a treat.

Views for the Soul

Overlooking the Promenade

The promenade on the sea front is two miles long, which lies between the Great Orme and the Little Orme. It's definitely a must to walk along, take in the sea view, and the stunning Victorian architecture of the sea front hotels. Fish and chips is highly recommended. Eat them on the promenade, but be careful of the seagulls! They love chips!

In the summer months, there is the traditional Punch and Judy Show. It has been established on the promenade since 1860 and is still going strong. There is nothing like a Punch and Judy Show to put a smile on your face and fill you with nostalgic bliss.

Magical Llandudno

The Pier

The Pier is a Great II listed building, built in 1878. It is simply incredible, a must to go on. The attractions include amusement arcades, shops, and fair ground rides. Food is available too, and the doughnuts are delicious! 

I've been on many piers, and I can honestly say I haven't found another one as magnificent as this one. It's in a league of its own. 

You must venture in to the town too. There are many high street names, plus plenty of gift shops, where you can purchase the old fashioned seaside treats, sticks of rock, postcards, funny t-shirts, bucket and spades. Naturally you are spoilt for choice with Llandudno souvenirs, Welsh dolls, Welsh hats, t-towels, red dragon cuddly toys, pens, pencils, you name it!

Fairy Tale World

Happy Valley Gardens

An area of the Great Orme is Happy Valley. Happy Valley was a gift to the town from Lord Mostyn, to mark the celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, in 1887, which included an open air theatre, which was active for almost a hundred years until its closure in 1985.

The gardens are beautiful, blooming in a huge variety of flowers and plants with a huge range of colours and scented smells. If you're feeling wild, beyond the gardens is a toboggan run. It is great fun, and will give you a huge, happy buzz!

As well as the promenade sea front, there is also the West Shore, which is much more quiet, peaceful. It was the West Shore where Alice Liddell spent the long summer holidays of her childhood, from 1862 to 1871—Alice Liddell of Alice in Wonderland fame. 

If you need a break Llandudno is the place to go. Take in the natural beauty and relive those childhood seaside holiday memories. Explore the Great Orme and all its magic. Take time out for yourself, breathe, relax, unwind, and let Llandudno fill your heart with pure joy.

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Here's Why Beautiful Llandudno, Wales, Is a Magical Place to Visit
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