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How to Visit Dubrovnik in 4 Days

A 4 Day Backpacking Trip

Sunset Beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We have all seen the crystal blue water of Croatia and heard of how amazing this place is, but when it comes to planning your trip, it can get overwhelming. Here is an easy 4-day itinerary (including hostel and activities) of Dubrovnik to make your travels stress free. 

Day 1 - Old Town of Dubrovnik and a Private Sunset Tour

Hostel: Dubrovnik Backpackers Club 

Once you arrive in Dubrovnik, head to the Dubrovnik Backpackers Club. The staff is super friendly and will offer you a warm welcome. In seconds, you will already feel at home.

When you are unpacked, take the bus down the road and head to Old Town. Wander around Old Town, but don't eat or drink there as it is extremely expensive.

Go up the city walls and take a look at these breathtaking views. The entrance fee is about 17 euros, but it is totally worth it. You should walk around the walls late in the afternoon as it is colder outside and there are less people.

At 6 o'clock, head back to the hostel and enjoy the sunset tour. The owner of the hostel takes you and five other people in his van to the best sunset locations around Dubrovnik while giving you a bit of history about his own country. Still not convinced? Wine and traditional Croatian snacks are included in the price!

The View from the Sunset Tour

When the sunset tour is over, you are back at the hostel and ready to go out. Get changed and be ready to explore old town at night. Have a few drinks while exploring the town and head to Revelin with other fellow backpackers.

Revelin Club

Day 2 - The Beaches of Dubrovnik and a Sunset Kayaking Tour

Once you recovered from the night before, put on your bathing suit and go beach hopping around Dubrovnik. There are many beautiful beaches, but my favourite one is by far Sunset Beach. It is near the hostel, has sun beds, and there is a slide and cute little shops and restaurants around the beach.

In the late afternoon, take the bus and go to Old Town for a sunset kayaking tour. The tour starts out in Pile Bay and takes you to the island of Lokrum and to Betina Cave, where you’ll have a snorkeling stop and a snack. After you've enjoyed the stunning sunset from the sea, your arms will be killing you but hopefully you'll have enough strength to hold the glass of wine that is included in the price of the tour.

After the tour, head back to the hostel and enjoy the chilling room with other guests. 

Pictures from the Sunset Kayaking Tour

Day 3 - The Old Town of Durbovnik

Wake up early and head to old town again. However, this time take a free walking tour. There are many tours to choose from. Whether you like Game of Thrones or just want to learn about Dubrovnik, you'll find a tour that suits your needs. All tours are free, but they expect a tip at the end.

In the afternoon, try new beaches or get lost in the little streets of Dubrovnik. 

The Little Streets of Dubrovnik; Your Daily Workout!

Day 4 - Mljet National Park

On day 4, take a day trip to Mljet National Park. Enjoy walking, running, or cycling in the nature or go scuba diving in the clear blue water. If you love caves, visit the Odyssey cave (only accessible by small boat) or rent a canoe/kayak and paddle around the lakes.

You can also visit the Benedictine monastery on the Isle of St. Mary, which is a popular attraction. However, I do not recommend it as it is crowded and expensive.

When coming back from the island, enjoy a last walk in beautiful Dubrovnik and discover new places.

Mljet National Park

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How to Visit Dubrovnik in 4 Days
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