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First Day in Iceland

Hello, the country I've been to around December time is Iceland. I'm gonna make a couple of posts about it, as there is just too much to talk about.

Where did we stay? In Keflavik Air B&B hotel. Very nice hotel with friendly staff. Big warm rooms with flat screen TV in Icelandic and English. There is one thing I would complain about, which is a very small bathroom. It had a shower with a bath but it was tiny.

The weather: Believe me guys, if someone is telling you that Icelandic weather is hectic during winter, is definitely not lying to you. At that time we had storm Eleanor crawling in, which made the entire trip more fun but at the same time a little bit scary.

So, let's move on to the places we've seen. (We, because I was there with my boyfriend)

On a first day as we've arrived it was New Year's Eve. The flight was around 3 hours, so not too bad. Although the weather during the flight wasn't pleasant either. We got to the hotel got a bit of a rest and drove to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I was very surprised when we arrived there and it was very quiet and empty on the streets. People are not lying telling, that Iceland is very quiet country, considering it was a New Year's Eve. We have gone to the restaurant which was placed at the Old Harbour, Slippbarinn. The food was amazing. I don't really like seafood, but lobster soup was delicious, which was a starter, steak as a main, and crumble as a dessert. Now we come to the part which is funny and terrifying. One is, we have ordered a coffee (as my boyfriend had to drive us back to Keflavik and he was terribly tired), when we've tried it our facial expressions were identical. The coffee was awful. I don't want to put you off, because the coffee we had at the hotel was good, but the one at the restaurant...just a no. We drank it anyway, desperation for a coffee had taken its peak at that point. Two is when it came to paying the bill. Of course we had a set menu as it was the only one available. Normally in UK you would pay roughly around £100 for two people with drinks. In Iceland I have paid £200 without alcoholic drinks, just coffee. I was in shock when I've seen it but then thought that people have not lied to me saying that prices in Iceland are very high.

We have left before 12 AM as it was extremely cold, around -10 and windy. Plus we had nowhere to go really. At first I wanted to go and see Harpa but I was tired as well and I thought it would be better to set off to the hotel and relax. Before we had gone, there were fireworks. That was at around 10 PM. Quite few of them, after that we had gone to Keflavik and went outside in the freezing cold to see the fireworks.

That was the end of day one. (I forgot to mention that we had been there for 6 days.)