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Japan Travel Destinations

Brief Summaries of Some of Japan’s Most Exciting Tourist Destinations

The Great Torii on Miyajima island 

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, Japan is the place to visit. Japan has such a rich history that could be experienced through its architecture and customs. While there are so many places to visit in Japan, this article will tell you just a few of the best places and what they have in store. 

Tokyo is one of the most famous cities in the world. In fact, it is the biggest city in the world. It is hard to conquer this whole city in just a couple days. Most likely, you will not be spending enough time here to see everything but there are some things that are a must. One is Shibuya crossing. Shibuya crossing is the largest intersection in the world. Crossing the street at Shibuya crossing is a must for every tourist. Nearby, there is a statue of a dog. This dog is named Hachikō. Everyday, he would wait for his owner at the station, even after his owner's passing. This story is known worldwide and the statue was put up in his honor. While in Tokyo, you should also visit some temples. Sensō-ji is a great temple to visit, as it is a display of traditional Japanese architecture. This temple is also located near a large shopping area. It is perfect for a person who wants to experience both the historical and modern day Japan. Another must-do in Tokyo is Akihabara. Akihabara is known as the anime central of Japan. Nearly every shop in this area is centered around anime culture. Many people go to Japan because it is where their favorite anime shows originated. If this is you, you must visit Akihabara. 

Hiroshima is a solemn yet important place to visit. Seeing the bomb dome and walking through the museum is an important part of the Japan experience. Located just a short boat ride away from Hiroshima is Miyajima island. This island is home to numerous authentic Japanese shops and restaurants. In addition, friendly deer roam the streets. One of Japan’s most famous tourist sites is located on Miyajima island. The great torii, which most people just refer to as the big red gate in the water, stands near a beautiful Shinto shrine on the island. Miyajima island is one of the most unforgettable destinations in Japan. 

If you visit Kyoto, you will be immersed in Japanese culture. In Kyoto, you’ll find shopping, authentic cuisine, and several temples and shrines. For those who like walking, the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine is for you. Here, you’ll walk through 1,000 torii gates. Also in Kyoto is a beautiful bamboo forest where you will be surrounded by bamboo plants taller than buildings. There are also other beautiful temples to visit, such as Kinkaku-ji. This temple is situated on a beautiful lake. While it does get very crowded during the day, it would be a shame to miss this sight. Near Kyoto is a city known as Nara. While in Nara, it is important that you take time to visit Nara park and meet all the friendly wild deer! You can also feed the deer crackers sold on the street. Beside Nara park is Tōdai-ji temple. This Buddhist temple is where you can see the great Buddha for yourself. The statue is as big as a house and really isn’t something you’d want to miss.

These are just some highlights from Japan, but there is so much more to experience. Japan is such an amazing place to visit and it is full of incredible opportunities that will last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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Japan Travel Destinations
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