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Akash Sharma19 hours ago
Shopping Guide to Brierley Hill, Redditch and Worcester
In this story I have shared with you shopping guides to Brierley Hill, Redditch and Worcester
The Ghost at the Crossroads
6:00 AM. Winter in rural China. I wake up in darkness, alone, in an unheated dormitory room, boil water for tea in my contraband kettle. Throw on my heavy winter coat, scarf, gloves, two pairs of pant...
Holly Pa day ago
20 Pieces of Advice and General Information You Should Know Before Traveling to Japan
Have you ever had the desire to study abroad or take a quick trip to the wonderful country that is Japan? Or perhaps you’ve thought about starting life anew in a foreign country that offers a historic...
Daniel Lyddona day ago
Is Egypt Worth It?
I was lucky to visit Egypt on a day trip during a family holiday to Cyprus in 2002. It was a formative experience for me, despite it being a whistle-stop tour of Cairo. We squeezed in time at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, and a visit to the Giza Plateau to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids, as well as the obligatory shopping spree. I didn't know it until I was there, but it was a life-aim to stand inside one of the Pyramids (we visited Khafre's pyramid), and staring into the eyes of Tutank...
Conor Coricha day ago
A Story of When I Died
Now I haven't explored this website very much, but I'm here to tell a story. Not to write an article like "10 places to visit before you're 50" or " How to be a new artist/singer/dancer/painter." It s...
Kevin 2 days ago
The Magic of Traveling
Everyone loves a vacation. Whether you are visiting relatives, hitting the beach, staying at the cabin by the lake, or exploring the mountains. Sometimes you just relax, and other times, every day is ...
Paul Sauer2 days ago
Awesome Annual Trip at Powell
Myself, my kids, and my friend took a trip to Lake Powell this season. The drive is 480 miles to Bullfrog Marina from my house. We left at 2:30 AM and was at Bullfrog Marina at 11 AM. When we go, we get a three bedroom modular home. These rooms are very nice, two bathrooms, full kitchen, they even provide a BBQ that you can use. And most important is air conditioning. It can get into the hundreds at Lake Powell. This season was not a normal season as far as the weather; the day after we got ther...
Emma Wanderlust2 days ago
Why We Quit Our Jobs and Downsized to a Campervan!
Laying in bed with the flu in February of this year, I sent the email. "Dear Boss. I resign. I need to have an adventure—the road is calling me home. Life is too short and I have put it off long enoug...
Dalia Berlin2 days ago
Fall in Love in Venice
I dare not shut my eyes. I simply cannot. Everywhere I look is just so overwhelmingly beautiful that a simple blink has me thinking I will miss something. The city is so gorgeous and oddly it's the ve...