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Chloe Gilholy3 hours ago
Britannia Has Set Sail
Almost two hours ago, the Britannia ship departed from Southampton to take 3000 passengers around the delights and beauty of Norway. I am one of those people. I’m sitting on the deck chair on my balco...
Miakoda Natane 5 hours ago
Broken Bridges
As I plummeted toward shark infested water, made murky from human feces and trash, all I could muster was a cringe, brought on by the embarrassing destruction above. Prior to this disastrous excursion...
Linda K Silsby9 hours ago
Top 5 Beaches You Have to Experience While in Oahu
Oahu is known for a variety of things such as its food, culture, and most importantly the beaches. Especially being born and raised in Oahu, going to the beach was absolutely one of the best and fun t...
Best West Coast Vacations
West coast vacations may be peaceful or exciting, spent pampered like a princess in the center of a metropolis or living as one with nature. They can be a weekend or a month long, though you may not b...
Rachel Coston2 days ago
The Road Less Traveled
We all hear the same bullet points at college orientation about activities to do and clubs to join. Sometimes study abroad gets mushed in there between drama club and inter-mural soccer, but no one ev...
Jahnavi sarin2 days ago
Some of the Best Resorts Around the World
Who does not like to spend their vacation at a beautiful beach resort in Hawaii or an animal lodge in South Africa? Here are some of the most amazing resorts from all around the world.
Jnev Stewart3 days ago
My Gap Year
It’s the end of senior year, everyone has been accepted to their school of choice, or some sort of plan for after (because that’s what you’re supposed to do). As someone who genuinely hates school, th...
Steve Covin3 days ago
California Slang Everyone Should Know
California, a.k.a. the Golden State, is known for a lot of cool things like its beaches, its weather, theme parks, landmarks, food, etc. But what about the slang? Believe it or not, California has a l...
Sam Savello3 days ago
London's Underground
I recently read Dennis Green’s article in Business Insider, which compared London’s Underground to New York’s MTA, and the entire time I was screaming: “Yesssss!” I visited London a few months ago in ...