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Tanya Mayer6 days ago
Three Quick Translation Tips to Reach Global Travelers
Then don’t make a mistake most of the agencies do. Many believe having a website solely in the English language is enough and they can present it to the whole world. However, in reality, people prefer...
Joshua Brown6 days ago
Fight for Survival; Crash-Landing
On a beautiful mountain stood a cabin, home to a family of four. This family consisted of Robert, a plant biologist, Leanne, a zoologist, and their children, Penny and Jack. Penny was thirteen and Jac...
Nancy Rogers6 days ago
How to Cope with Jet Lag?
Those in the habit of frequent and international travelling are very much familiar to jet lag. Feeling fatigued, disturbance in sleeping pattern, stomach problems are associated with long-haul flights...
Marlene Affeld6 days ago
A Plane Ticket To Paradise
Welcome to paradise. "The Big Island," also known as the "Orchid Isle" is the youngest, tallest and by far the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island, the least populated of the entire Hawaii...
Maddie Goody7 days ago
10 Study Abroad Tips
Get your 'A' and have fun too.
Autumn Brown7 days ago
Adventures in Africa: Part 2
After we reach Kokofu we moved on to our final destination in a small village. Before long, unfortunately our friends had to leave and return to the States. They showed us the necessities of what we n...
Sasha Konikovo8 days ago
How Goal Zero Is Providing Sustainable, Portable Power Solutions to Countries in Need
Think about your current day-to-day routine. You wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. You turn on the radio, take a quick hot shower, run to the kitchen, and microwave a small breakfast for yoursel...
Samuel Block8 days ago
I Wanted to Travel Europe
I learned a lot about how to travel and how not to. I am confident many people desire to travel through Europe. It's a dream that I wrote about previously called "The Romanticism of Travel." So early ...
Eta Visa8 days ago
Which Countries Require Visas for US Citizens?
Most countries all over the world do not require US citizens to have visas. Being a leading world power, I could see why this makes sense. If anything, the US is one of the most secure countries in th...