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Life Abroad: Adventure or Hope for a Better Life?

A Feeling that Is Stronger than Adventure and Devotion—Homesickness

Many courageous people decide to try their luck abroad and they can face challenges. Suddenly, they experience a feeling that is stronger than adventure and devotion—homesickness.

When we are far from home, we go through powerful feelings of nostalgia and everything about our home seems better, all of a sudden. Our hometown, our childhood, even the housing estates, and the dirty corner shop.

They long for the Hungarian flavors such as Petőfi misses brown bread. Most people think that the youth today are leaving to embark on an adventure. I have resided in Germany for three years and I have never missed home, Transylvania as I currently do. Adventure? Absolutely not, just hoping for a better life.

A few years ago I was not keen about my future and I avoided setting unattainable goals. Then I realized that an uncertain future is worrying and I need to take action. That is the reason I took the first bus and went abroad.

Three years have passed and I know what I want in the future. I wish to be my own boss, attain my objectives and realize my dreams. I sacrifice a lot for this, as I am apart from my family and best friends. I just see them once or twice a year.

I was tired of the homesickness and at my lowest point, I still asked myself whether it is worth it. I miss my home as well as the lovely memories. I miss the daylight, scent of coffee, the family and love at home. Nothing compares to home; the taste of the food is better, the coffee is warmer and the love is more fulfilling.

However, I will not give up yet. I will realize my dreams in any way possible. It has now been three years but I cannot forget my home. Homesickness indicates how attached we are to a certain place. Surprisingly, sometimes a person misses their home or a country where they have not resided for long. It is normal also for someone to shift from this place for a particular reason; they discover the place that makes them content once they leave it for some time.

It took me three years to realize how attached I am to people at home. I am not sure whether it is a result of maturing or because of life abroad. But, I am no longer able to forget strong human relationships and it is harder to trust people.

At times I experience loneliness, but the knowledge that I have someone at home waiting for me gets rid of all the misery. It is now three years and I appreciate that am not a great hero. I know others are going through more serious issues than this.

Still, it is challenging for me to conquer these minor issues since many times I think I do not have the capability. But now things have improved and I am very content with myself. I am no longer the person I was three years ago. Everything is different. People who know me eye me strangely, stating that I have also changed.

While living here, I improve myself and experience major and minor failures; factors that were initially important are not anymore. Things which were less important become more significant. It took me three years to acknowledge that nothing is impossible. The person I once was is a distant memory. Today I stand for much more.

It has taken three years to smile in happiness and congratulate myself saying, "Betti, you made it and in the right way!"

*Petőfi – Hungarian national poet

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Life Abroad: Adventure or Hope for a Better Life?
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