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Living on an Old Country Road

Living the Country Life

Living out in the country is a fun thing if you are born and raised as a country girl or boy. I always loved the leaves falling on old country roads, and when you drive over them, you can see them fly off the road. The beauty of living in the country is that you don't have to worry about the city life. The only things you have to listen to were birds chirping, crickets making noise at night, or frog croaking. Have you ever walked a country road alone? It is so peaceful and quiet. It's few and far in between when you will see a car coming by.

Walking those roads are so long and some barely had a ditch on both sides, and some did. Riding a bicycle or racing with your friend as a young child was a fun thing to do on a country road. That brings back good old days. I used to live on a dirt road before it was paved, and it was all gravel. I loved riding in the car with my grandaddy to town in his car, which he only drove 20 mph. He would love it when we went to town together. I loved spending time with him, but we did get there though. I didn't have anything else to do but to be with my grandaddy. But that was the good old days. I enjoyed every minute of those times growing up.

Country roads are wonderful and peaceful.

If you ever lived on a country road, even paved or gravel, you definitely would know you were from the country. People pass by and wave as they go by and that would make you feel so good when you sit on the porch drinking a cold glass of ice tea on those country roads. That was the good old days, and I wish we had those again. Some of those country roads I have seen don't go anywhere. Some of them would go to where you camp, or else it goes to where you do fishing at a dock. I have seen some that go out in rural areas where people live and they can be a narrow road. There are still country roads where I live in Tennessee, and they are hidden with wooden bridges. They are few and far in between in some states. I know that they can have hills, and some are flat. The place where I grew up has a lot of hills on that road.

Some country roads did have old country stores that you can stop to on your way, and grab a bite to eat. There were old service stations that you can go to, so you can fuel up and get gas and see the sights of the scenery, or else you can shop at little country stores while out on those country roads. They had old antiques and different things along the way. There were some country roads that you could see were horses, cattle, and other animals. There were sights to see while driving on these roads.

Country roads are popular in lot of areas.

Places in other countries like Canada have country roads. They can be rough to get down in the winter just like the United States. I know that the roads where I live, when it snows or gets icy, are hard to drive on. They do not salt these roads down, and you have to drive with caution.

So if you get a chance to travel a country road, you will enjoy it a lot. There are all kinds of beauty in the surroundings that you will see.

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Living on an Old Country Road
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