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London Clubs

Mayfair Clubbing 👌


London is an extraordinary city. It became even more extraordinary when I found out about the night life after ten years of living in the city. I came across a host of clubs...some of the best I have ever seen in my life—and trust me, I have clubbed everywhere in the world, most notably in Cannes and Monaco, as well as Spain, Turkey, Germany, and Montenegro.

So long story short: I came across these clubs through a couple of my friends which knew promoters in Mayfair clubs, and if you are not familiar with London, Mayfair is probably the most prestigious area in the whole of UK. I started out going to Maddox, and then it expanded into Reign, Drama ParkLane, and Scandal. These are really lively showrooms, with model girls swinging up and down and putting on a show. It's not a strip club, but it almost borders it. The clubs have different themes every day, ranging from hip hop to burlesque and almost everything you can imagine. Obviously the date makes which themes there will be. If you are in London, it's a great idea to get friendly with a Mayfair promoter, as they can provide you a table and drinks all night. Girls get in for free (if they are deemed attractive enough) and boys normally pay £20. All in all, I had the time of my life in these clubs. It levitated the image of London in my head as a truly world class city. Then I started going to more posh clubs which actually require a membership fee north of £1200 per year, these clubs include Annabel's, Arts club, and Lou Lou's. You are not likely to get tables and drinks in these clubs as these are executive hot spots, with the odd celebrity there every day. It's not rare to see celebrities as they normally either perform or they are there for a wind down. If you are in the younger age bracket (18-35), I suggest going to clubs such as Reign, Drama, and Scandal, and if you are in a higher age bracket and can afford a luxury club, or whether you have the connections, then Arts club, Annabel's, and Lou Lou's are a must.

All in all, don't let anyone tell you that London is not a great clubbing city, as, in my opinion, it is probably the best in Europe. As long as you have the right connections or are willing to find them, as they are not hard to find since promoters are hanging around every corner in Oxford Circus, then you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Please do check out the website and Instagram pages of the clubs mentioned above in order for you to have a better picture of what it really looks like. Hope this article helps!

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London Clubs
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