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Mallorca Is a Magical Island

Palma De Mallorca

Visiting the Beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca of Spain

There comes that time of the year once more that you need to sit down and have a proper meeting with your best friend, explore the internet and find the best summer deal for an unforgettable holiday gateway. You have to take into consideration the latest food trends (as it is known that we eat a lot of food when on vacation mode), some glorious beach resorts, and some decent sightseeing.

We have spun around the earth globe and just like a Russian roulette; the tiny little ball chose Palma de Mallorca!

Prior to our trip we have heard a lot of views as to how the island would look like, but let me tell you this fellas, always keep an open mind when you are travelling to new destinations and do not take into account all the different experiences of others.

The island had a lot to offer—if one only remembers to seek for its goods. Mallorca is very diverse and vibrant; it can literally take your breath away. Have you ever heard people talk about certain cities that they have visited and how these places have a soul and distinctive personalities? We certainly experienced it in the Spanish island.

The most astonishing thing you will come across in Palma is perhaps the lively graffiti that fill the neoclassic walls of the city. The art is so vibrant that it feels like it is moving right in front of your eyes. We had to walk quite a lot of distance every day to and from our hotel. New illustrations were drawn on the walls each day, making our walks back to the hotel intriguing, as we did not know what to expect out of the innovative artwork.

If you are after something more familiar or stereotypical, the Hard Rock Café in Palma is definitely recommended. Its location is also astonishing as you can let yourself get lost in the beauty of the small port that shines even brighter during the night time. You can take a nice stroll over the marina and let the sea breeze guide you through countless boats which float blissfully over the Balearic deep waters.

And if by any chance you ended up in Mallorca rather than Venice; if you are travelling as a couple wishing to spend romantic moments or you are travelling solo, with family or friends, this glorious city has a hell of a story to unveil the world. Palma Cathedral is the most glorious eyesight that can be seen from almost every spot within the city and during the night it gives a feel of a Gothic temple tempting us back to the medieval era. Furthermore, if food is high on your ‘bucket list’ there are a lot of lovely restaurants located at the edge of the port to experience the local cuisine. And if you are not a fan of the seafood, do not worry, as the island is looking after its visitors and offering Vegan and Vegetarian options in the heart of the city centre. If you also wish to experience the Spanish lifestyle in the city’s plaza you can taste diverse cuisine and any type of food your heart desires as well as, hundreds of shopping centres and shops to spend a fortune!

For something more glamorous and stylish, you can reserve a table in one the town’s busiest restaurants that has an art gallery fitted inside. The restaurant is located within a timeless and conservative but well preserved house in the heart of the city’s plaza.

The beach is located a few miles away from the city centre and the town also offers a central bus station with excursions to nearby locations and amazing destinations that is pretty convenient for tourists that might not speak the Spanish language at a fluent level.

No matter what your heart desires, enjoyment and a good time is guaranteed in this incredible city.

To end our marvellous trip to Palma with the infamous quote by Dalai Lama, “Once a year, go someplace you've never been before,” and we will also add that travel brings inspiration and admiration to the eye. Visiting new destinations broadens our minds and we encourage to get your selves out there, travel, explore, eat local food, and most importantly make sure you live the experience to the fullest.

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Mallorca Is a Magical Island
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