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Memphis, TN—How To

Memphis, TN Travel Tips

When you've lived in Memphis, Tennessee for 21-plus years, it's hard to not feel like you've seen it all. This week was our staycation and I figured we would run around and pretend to be tourists in our own city and it was so refreshing! Living in Memphis is such a cool place because nowhere else can you find a place that has something for everyone. If you love shopping then we have some of the best places for it—from little downtown boutiques to huge outlet malls inside of a pyramid overlooking the river. If you're more of a historian looking for anything and everything Victorian, then we have Victorian Row right off Adams street. Also, don't even get me started on the food here. We have everything from vegan to BBQ places that you can smell a mile away.

Woodruff Fontaine & Mallory-Neely Victorian Homes

Victorian Village in downtown Memphis is part of the national historic neighborhood and it is one of my favorite places. Who doesn't love an old Victorian home where you can step into the past for a little while? We went on a self-guided tour through the Woodruff Fontaine home and this place is beautiful. Before our tour started the lady told us about how this entire street was filled with Victorian homes and all but seven stand today. Which is pretty depressing if you think about it, since right past the houses it is just a boring neighborhood. The Woodruff Fontaine home has the largest collection of Victorian items, ranging from the 1800s to the roaring 1920s. Seth and I went up to the very top floor of the home and the view was spectacular. You can basically see about half of our great city. Looking through four porthole style windows has the added bonus of making you feel like you're in a ship.

Bass Pro at the Pyramid

Bass Pro is about as Memphis as it gets. Back before it was Bass Pro, it was just a concert hall, and if you went to University of Memphis, you got to graduate there as well. We went on a Monday afternoon and it was so cool to see it almost completely empty inside. I'd been there once before during opening week, and my husband Seth had never been. It was a real treat and I highly recommend going downstairs to check out the bowling alley. It was so fun and it is aquatic-themed down there.

You have to take an all-glass elevator in the middle of the store to get to the rooftop that overlooks the entire city—and I can honestly say that I have NEVER been so scared in my life! Do not look down at the store while you are riding up because you will get sick (and don't say I did not warn you). I remember looking down and then all of a sudden I was hit with panic; if it wasn't for Seth, I would have probably lost my mind. Thankfully, we hit the top and I was able to bolt out of the elevator. While on the rooftop, you can literally see everything. Even the famous bridge that connects Tennessee with Arkansas. I can honestly say the view was totally worth the panic. It was stunning to be able to see everything and I have heard it's even cooler at night with all the lights. They also have an amazing bar up there where I got the Memphis Belle drink. It really helped me because I needed some liquid courage to be able to go back down that elevator again!

Pro tip: It's not half as bad going down the elevator as it was going up.

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Memphis, TN—How To
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