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Mississippi Boy in ATX

Life, Love, & The Pursuit of Happiness

Photo Cred: Pete Johnson 

I moved to Austin after graduating from The University of Mississippi back in May. I've been here for almost six months—it's been a rollercoaster ride since. I've moved several times, started multiple jobs, and forced to pick up several side gigs all to "survive." I found myself without my main source of income over the weekend; so I'm back on the prowl for a real job. I've had my share of side gigs—it's time to use my education, even if a degree from Mississippi isn't as favorable as a Texan education.

I found myself without my main source of income over the weekend. I was devastated for a moment; but then grateful that the burden that establishment existed as was no longer my problem. On to bigger and better! My phone rang this morning, a little earlier than I anticipated—none the less, I answered the phone. I discussed the job opportunity with the woman somewhat at ease, until we arrived at the reason I am no longer at the establishment I left over the weekend. It's never easy discussing negative topics that could potentially give the other person a free edge to pick at. I'm working on the art of conversation and learning how to withhold potentially damning information... I have an intense dislike for dishonesty and people who withhold truth, when the truth can be easily spoken.

So, here I am writing my first article that I'll share with the world, while contemplating past job interviews that were awkward (at best) and definitely failed attempts. Stay tuned for more updates on my journey in the big city of ATX. Much love, Red Feather.

I was probably twenty-two at best. I was in between things at the time, definitely trying to find myself in Jackson, MS. I found an ad for "handicapped businessman" who was searching for a traveling attendant. I called the phone number listed to arrange for an interview. I drove to a part of town that I was unfamiliar with, the final destination being a nursing home. I was a little put off at first, but thought what the hell, I'll proceed with the interview... I never pay attention to red flags.

I wondered into the nursing home in search of this "business man's" room. The halls wreaked of urine and cheap cleaner—that typical nursing home smell that's all too familiar. I entered the gentleman's room. He was not handicapped, but a quadriplegic in an electric wheel chair device. I've been around mentally handicapped people all of my life, and without judgement, they were a part of my life. But this scene was a little more than my twenty-something year old self could handle. I shook hands with the gentleman and his attendant and took a seat on a hospital/nursing home style sofa to discuss the job potential with the man. What twenty-two year old wouldn't want to travel the world?

The red flags were piling up by this time, but I continued talking with the men. I did not want to upset the man in any way, or be disrespectful to his situation. This man had an electronic, Steven Hawking digital voice that set off red flag alerts in the Pentagon. I sat there, unable to move, not sure what questions to ask... wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into, and then the man mentioned the need for his attendant to give him a suppository. Nope, I am not your guy. I wish I could have seen the expression on my own face as I jumped up and ran from that nursing home room. Certainly I wasn't the first to nope out on the gentleman. I hope not anyways. Enemas and suppositories are subjects of conversation that should be held in private with a medical professional, not a twenty-two year old dude who wants to travel the world. I regret not befriending the guy and possibly traveling, but looking back, I do not regret saying no to inserting suppositories into this stranger's anus. Big Nope.

I will forget about that moment for a few years, until something like a job interview pops up, and I find myself recanting that god awfully awkward moment of the suppository. But, in all honesty, that is a moment I can draw strength from, and laugh. Most importantly is laughing in during this stressful time between jobs.

Look for more of my articles in the future on topics like Reiki, spirituality, southern conjure, shamanic practices, and everyone's favorite—romance.

Love light to y'all,

Red Feather, ATX

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Red Feather ATX
Red Feather ATX

Yo!  I'm Nick, 34, enjoying this journey we call "life".  I moved to Austin six months ago to kickstart this epic mission.  I am a Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, spiritualist, shamanic drumming dude.  Enjoy the journey!  

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Mississippi Boy in ATX
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