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New Island Spontaneously Erupts Off the Coast of Cape Hatteras

No joke. Almost overnight, this new island came up out of nowhere, and already people are flocking to it.

The scary thing, though, is a lot of people are not taking into consideration the dangers present in trying to traverse this newly-made island just off the coast of North Carolina. Why is it so dangerous?

It Just So Happens That this Island Sits on a Very "Active" Part of the Ocean

That simply means high tides, rough waves, and some volatile currents. Already many people had to be rescued off the island as a result, so as a precaution, authorities state that if you're going to visit this island, go by boat. Don't swim. See a video report right here about this remarkable new island. This is an island only in the past few days surfacing as a result of massive changes in sea level and temperature.

A relatively normal occurrence. But a bit rare given how quickly the land mass developed to the point where it can be classified as an actual island.

People think that a swim is an easy feat given its location (it's actually not terribly far from the coast), but given the present condition, the waves are tumultuous.

After all.... Look at the photo for yourself! Those are the waves currently hitting the coast of this brand-new island.

While It May Be Somewhat Dangerous to Travel to the Island Itself, Simply Meandering on It Is Eye-Opening as Well as a Bit of a Cautionary Experience

How so? For starters, given this is an island remarkably uprooted from the sea floor due to ecological changes in climate, wildlife teems on this land by staggering numbers.

One visitor actually saw a beached sand shark, quickly tossing it back into the ocean. Other animals find solace on the beached island with favor, but chances are good if those animals ever saw you just walking around on the sand, there could potentially be problems.

Remember: you're quite a distance away from the mainland. This is virtually untouched territory.

That Is, Quite Honestly, the Most Amazing Thing About this New Island

No one owns it as of yet. It legally can be considered an island, given the distance. However, the United States technically does not own the new territory. North Carolina cannot lay claim to it either.

This is largely why visitors are not prohibited from visiting but are otherwise cautioned to be careful. You want to visit this island? You do so at your own risk.

The other surprising factor about this brand-new island is the fact that it could be easily wiped away with another sudden change in climate—such as a tropical storm or tornado.

So Those People Lucky Enough to Visit the Island May Only See It Just Once. Possibly.

A truly unprecedented change in geological formation. Aside from all the simple dangers of visiting this little island, there's one funny thing already present that you need to know: the name of the island.

The land mass already has one. It's called "Shelly Island." And here's why:

The entire island is populated by an enormous number of seashells.

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New Island Spontaneously Erupts Off the Coast of Cape Hatteras
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