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New York Day 6

Back to Reality

It was our last morning in the hotel, so we decided to have a lie in until about 9 AM. Checkout was not due until noon. Unfortunately, housekeeping had other ideas at 7:30 AM and used their keys to come into our room. My friend sprung out of bed and got to the door before she could get in. Housekeeping wanted to know what time we were leaving. It’s very lucky my friend got there first, or I would have told the woman where to go. I do not like being woken up before I have to. As a result, housekeeping lost their tip this morning.

We finished packing our bags and left them in storage in the hotel so we weren’t dragging them around all day. We checked off another American restaurant and went to Applebee’s for breakfast. This restaurant has become my absolute favourite so far. The western omelette was perfect. I actually ate it all.

We found out there was a market so we had a walk down. We did a bit more souvenir shopping and got a couple of travel pillows for the flight home. We went to Rockefeller Ice Rink and took a few pictures. Some of the displays were beautiful.

We had a look around for some food and to our great luck we found a KFC. We both wanted to try the American menu. However, it was quite disappointing. The chicken didn’t taste right. But I will give it another chance when we go to Vegas next year.

We got back to the hotel and waited for our lift back to the airport. I was quite nervous about the taxi ride back as it wasn’t a pleasant experience the first time. It was slightly better. I got a couple of pictures on the way to the airport as the sun was starting to set, I got a nice one of the skylines of New York. It was hard to get decent ones as we were moving. My friend had taken some travel sickness tablets and was pretty much passed out next to me.

Going through the airport was a lot quicker through customs and security. We went to the shops before boarding the plane. I got some fancy chocolates. I was quite shocked when we got to the gate as I wasn’t aware, we would take a bus up to the plane. It was quite dark now and I struggled going up the steps of the plane. We both took our seats and my friend settled off to sleep quickly. She did buy the code, so we could watch TV, but she watched 30 seconds of it and fell asleep. I was too nervous to sleep for the entirety of the flight and watched the TV the whole time. I did wake my friend up when food was being served but she went back sleep.

When we landed back in the UK, my friend was quite shocked that she slept through most of the flight. We will remember to get those tablets again when we go to Vegas. Going through customs and security back in the UK was very quick and we got our suitcases as soon as we got to baggage claim.

During the drive home I really missed New York. I was exhausted and very glad to be home. But I felt comfortable in New York. Sure, it was overwhelming at times, but it was so friendly and not what I was expecting. I had so much fun. I’m already planning to go back in a few years but for much longer. But first let’s see how much fun I will have in Las Vegas.

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New York Day 6
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